Tired Of Coke Standing Up For Democracy? Try Shasta!

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    It hasta be Shasta! #Colbert #ALateShow #ColdOpens
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    1. Silverion

      So they're cancelling the cancel culture, eh?

    2. Dale hauk

      they tabs drinking gooftroup

    3. carlosfer2201

      Shasta went out of business in my country many years ago after they did a giveaway. It was the typical thing where you collected bottle caps or something like that and then would get a watch in return. The watches were such pieces of shit that the name 'shasta' was then synonym with something shitty. To this day it still means that, even for people who never knew the brand like me.

    4. Anton Lowe

      So whatever happened to the GOP wanting to let the market decide?

    5. OP 1000

      I seldom drink cola, but this makes me want to drink a Coca Cola. Cheers!

    6. JoeStoppinghem

      I miss Shasta’s Black Cherry Cola!

    7. Yohon


    8. paul coy

      Are you sure it's not Fanta the Republicans want? For historical reasons?

    9. ccggenius12

      Well damn, I guess Coke's attempt at ending racism is causing a lot more of an uproar than Pepsi's attempt a few years back. Ironically it's from removing their product instead of adding it.

    10. Professor Sogol

      Have you heard from the Shasta Beverage Corporation concerning its trademark registration 78340438 for "SHASTA" registered with respect to, inter alia, non-alcoholic beverages?

    11. Jason Bean

      I like RC::)

    12. Paul Archibald

      As Mitch said don't let these big corporations influence you! Now for a refreshing glass of hypocrisy.

    13. jimg_hookem

      Let them prove it pour that Pepsi in their whiskey and bourbon. I say pure bullshit

    14. Sophie Robinson

      Grapico! Buffalo Rock.

    15. V Price

      The Coca-Cola Company is based in Atlanta, Georgia after all. Also known as Chocolate City. They would have some 'splainin to do if they said nothing. How about we keep Atlanta and Athens and gift the rest of Georgia to Mexico?

    16. dugfriendly

      "I want a pop. I want a Shasta."

    17. Sam Wiley

      Shasta was Hitler's answer to boycott

    18. Yo Mama

      wow, what did Shasta do to you? I can't imagine they find this very funny

    19. WIlliam Dusseau

      RC Royal Crown Cola. Miss it along with Sunshine Hydrox.

    20. Tenzhi Ti Hsien

      I loved Shasta as a kid, albeit for a variety of flavors other than Cola.

    21. RK Barbo

      I want a pop, I want a Shhhhhasta. I want a taste pizzaz, all the great tastes Shasta has. I want a pop, I want a Shhhhhasta. I want a thrill, I want a pow, I want it all I want it now! I want a pop, I want a Shhhhhasta.

    22. SuaveGemini

      As a life long Hayward, California resident who grew up near the plant. Hello!!! Fun fact. The "plant" is almost fully automated with almost 20 part time employees. Lol. Interesting that Shasta makes a 3 liter size, yet does not sell it here. Funner fact: They used to give away the dented cans to pretty much anybody who came by and asked especially kids.

    23. For Shiggles

      36 people have no sense of humor. Hahaha

    24. Wesley Sandel

      fweedumb fries?

    25. Craig Savarese

      I haven’t had Shasta since the late 1970’s. Even then, my mom only bought the cheapest of the cheap - blackberry, lime, and maybe a root beer if it was on sale. I did not have a real “cola” until 1982. Imagine my surprise to find Pepsi and Coke in my friend’s Aunt’s ice chest at a cook out. My life has never been the same since.

    26. oldsesalt

      My parents bought cheap Shasta cola when I was young. It had the pic of a mountain on it. Once I was driving I-5 from San Francisco to Seattle and suddenly I saw the exact outline that was on the cola can! It was Mount Shasta! And I thought it was a myth. Go figure.

    27. Mark Williams

      Liberty Cabbage Freedom Fries Shasta. I'll stick with my Royal Crown or Original Vernors.

    28. Blue Patriot

      No publicity (generally speaking) is bad publicity.

    29. 13 ones

      So this is what good governance is ? a boycott on coke, wow.

    30. korpse6rinder

      Was RC cola too easy of a target?

    31. stone1andonly

      I have a friend who drinks Shasta products regularly... so I *gotta* remember to show him this clip! lol

    32. Ryan Spengler

      Who's playing Bill Shasta? This guy has done hilarious work with Colbert for years but I don't know his name...

    33. Stephen Blomstedt

      I didn't even realize Shasta still existed! I wonder if they even knew? Well, at long last, they're name has been uttered on a nationwide broadcast show! They should be psyched about this! Lol.

    34. andrew stapley

      fanta? do people not know?

    35. lnsflare1

      Fanta: This is still technically better than where we started, for the time being.

    36. Sir C

      When I was like, 8... my family won a sweepstakes for "Free Shasta for a Year." It was basically a coupon-book with 52 vouchers for a 6-pack that could only be redeemed at a certain grocery store chain. We went through it in about 3 months. Like, we all got tired of it within the first few weeks. So my dad got this idea to sell it at a discounted price, and use the money earned for a vacation... ... nobody wanted to buy discounted Shasta :(

    37. Marley Plumb

      It's time for Shala-shasta!

    38. Gerry P

      "Oh Oh THAT Coke" Don Jr

    39. Rob C

      Wasnt Shasta started by the Germans during WWII cause they couldnt import Coke?

    40. Bz Co

      Open your eyes. Stop making everything a mindless competition.

    41. Shaun Victory

      I thought Conan was back

    42. vli5

      I'm drinking nothing but Cocoa Cola from now on.

    43. Howard Kerr

      I know they still make Shasta, but even people who are super poor seem to by the store brand soda before they buy Shasta. Me? When I want cheap a$$ soda, I now buy Fanta. One of my favorite flavors(?) is Red Pop. I have no idea what it tastes like, what it's supposed to taste like, but it sure tastes different.

      1. Thumper Paul

        Is it Big Red soda? that tastes kinda like bubble gum?

    44. Robert Dillon

      I only drink Mexican Coca-Cola because they still use cane sugar rather than corn sugar (as in the USA). Coke is absolutely 100% better with pure cane.


      That reminds me, I should go to the store for more Cherry Coke, yes really. Coke should relocate it's headquarters to another state.

    46. Islander

      Nice to see Shasta on TV in any manner! This coming from someone from someone who sees the Shasta HQ on his commute.

    47. yohei72

      Out of all the reasons to not drink Coke (it tastes like shit, it rots your teeth, it poisons your body), they pick this?

    48. Purple Pill Philosophy

      Coke isn't standing up for democracy but racism

    49. Alice Marsolino

      Hey, Tiki Punch..I'm on board 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Thumper Paul

        Black cherry soda was great too.

    50. Shasta Bell

      Love it 🙌 Kiwi Strawberry is my fav. ;) Talked to the other ‘Shastas’ and we do draw the line at voting restrictions though 👍

    51. Weirdunclebob V

      Quite frankly, if ethics are important to you, you should be boycotting Coca Cola, Pepsi, Mars, Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, Nike, Adidas and a whole host of companies, mostly the big corporations. Sadly, Shasta would probably be more ethical than most of them!

      1. Weirdunclebob V

        @Godfrey Pigott I'm still wondering why you think my ethics are distorted.

      2. Weirdunclebob V

        @Godfrey Pigott How? All of those companies do some or all of environmental damage, animal rights violations, human rights violations. I was joking about Shasta being more ethical. Sorry if that wasn't obvious.

      3. Godfrey Pigott

        Which explains your distorted concept of ethics.

    52. Ballin V

      You can get coke anywhere in the world accept from the Republican house 😏

    53. grig

      OMG - Get that man a decent webcam!

    54. Whitney ONeal

      Reminds me of all the fake coke products available during work meetings

    55. Skyprince27

      Plot Twist: Georgia state legislature undergoes MASSIVE Blue Wave at the next opportunity, new voting law abolished.

    56. Cheryl Sibson

      ok well, I remember when coke uses to be "the real thing" as a commercial and now it's Canadian Gingerale.

    57. Lisa Hannon

      I was going to suggest Fanta, the drink of Nazi Germany, but it's owned by Coca Cola. :D

    58. Tisha McDonald

      Everyone! Let’s get together and support our thirsty Republicans across the isle and send your congressman some Coca Cola! Cases and cases of it

    59. Thomas Stone

      the only thing that would make it better would be for pepsi to refuse the contract.

    60. Da Hai Zhu

      I love the fact that Georgia is acting just like China

    61. Brandon and Charlene

      True Story, my Aunt used to work at the Shasta plant in Hayward Ca. In the 1980s. She got all the free soda she wanted, and gave it to family often. Still grosses me out to this day. 😂

    62. Samplease65

      Lmao, how did THIS get by the lawyers? :P

    63. kingdomcome180

      Ok so now we just buy Coca-Cola and drink it it front of Republicans every chance we get

    64. Sanjana Sandeep

      I am wiki bearrr

    65. Heather Hurst

      I'm gonna have me a Coke!!!! Republicans can be cancelled anytime now.

    66. David J

      The Republican party is soooooo weak.😂

    67. Bertin Desmeules

      So Pepsi is a racist brand who dont respect democracy ? If i was the pepsi company owner, the former carrot president would drink Shasta for sure!

    68. MonkeyJedi99

      Point 1: If you like Coca Cola, Pepsi is vile, and vice versa. Point 2: I would like to see Coca Cola boycott Republicans.

      1. MonkeyJedi99

        @Lysana McMillan Though art a unicorn! - That is to say, I have never met anyone who has no preference between the two. Very interesting.

      2. Lysana McMillan

        Point 1 is invalid. I am fine with drinking either.

    69. a lema

      I guess Coca-Cola is not giving Republicans any money so their boycotting looks good on them everybody should start boycotting when it comes to Republicans and they're craziness

    70. iiiDandudeiii

      So does this mean there going to not drink anything coca cola brand related cause they own a lot

    71. MeanGeneSanDiego

      Shasta has been my brand since it came in steel cans.

    72. woohunter1

      Republicans: “don’t drink Coke anymore, but you can still snort it”

    73. Debbie Marquis

      Hmmm..i wonder what they're saying now after the internet found a coke on Trump's dest..

    74. Ken C

      Wow. I don't think I've seen Shasta (in any grocery store) in years. I had to google to confirm it was still being made. I think their ginger ale was okay, but their cola was pretty bad.

      1. Lysana McMillan

        The cola is weak. Their fruit flavors are far better.

    75. Costa Karras

      Coca Cola has more of a presence around the world than the US military. It is sold in over 200 countries. I am sure they are worried about Georgia. The CEO only makes more in a year than all of them combined, and you can throw in the 2 Federal Senators as well.

    76. Delbane Ren

      How did this segment not include the fact that Shasta originated in Nazi Germany? Seriously is team Colbert even trying?...

      1. Godfrey Pigott

        @Delbane Ren Actually, I'm not American.

      2. Delbane Ren

        @Godfrey Pigott oh snap you are totally right. I must have conflated the two in my mind. BTW - do you remember Faygo? lol

      3. Godfrey Pigott

        Funny how the name Shasta comes from a place name in California. It was FANTA that came from Nazi Germany.

    77. Cameron Sitton

      Is this that "cancel culture" I've been hearing so much about from the Republicans?

    78. Maki Burgess

      New Jim Crow not to your liking? Try Jim Crow Classic with that classic recipe combining white privilege and brutal suppression of human rights! Your gran-pappy’s Jim Crow.

    79. ProjectFlashlight612

      Coke's human rights record in Central America and India was disgraceful. Union busting, goon squads, sweat shop wages. They don't give a damn about people.

    80. Alan Mercieca

      Maybe Trump is trying to hoard all that diet coke for himself.

    81. frigginjerk

      Shasta is the soft drink for people who think RC Cola is too highfalutin.

    82. Cloyette Grant

      No one can cancel come...cola is simply the best.

    83. Loral Anthalas

      3 days ago they were complaining that MLB pulled out of Atlanta, then the idiots turn around and try to boycott one of the states largest employers. Good gawds the depth of stupidity knows no bounds.

      1. Charles Hash

        Loral Anthalas: Of course, they are Retrumplickans, so by daffynician their stoopidity nose no bownds.

    84. Jemie Bridges

      I think its pretty obvious that this is gonna come full circle and Republicans will wind up drink Fanta, official drink of true Nazis.

    85. Matthew Froese

      I bet Hanigan the salesman would have qualms about hustling some shasta

    86. dark14life

      They'll boycott it like they boycotted the NFL and NASCAR.

    87. Johnny Park

      Banning Coke? Don Junior is not going to be happy.

    88. KonaRider

      When you get divorced in Georgia... are you still brother and sister? How does that work?

    89. Daniel Maher

      Sad moment when Coke is the champion of democracy.

    90. Bethy-Lou

      I normally drink water or juice. I've started drinking ice cold Coke. I stand up for Democracy.

    91. Springhouse

      The legendary Brian Stack.. 18 years as a writer and performer on Conan. Check him out as The Interrupter on Conan. Hilarious and just weird

    92. Tony DeMaria

      Republicans are all in on cancel culture.

    93. Justin Case

      Monsanto/BAINE = Hillary And Romney.

    94. jennybugsification13

      Republicans: We hate cancel culture and are against fascism! Also Republicans: cancel Coke because they dont think like us!

    95. Brandon Foster

      Republicans quick buy coke stock liberals will send it to the moon! Sodastonks!

    96. Mark Nelson

      Republicans are just about greed and the pandering they do to get the support they need.

    97. CharlieHarperRulez

      Brian Stack! ♥️

    98. Gabriela MM

      Drink Manaos

    99. A D

      You leftists who suddenly support big business are hypocrites. Coca cola killed latin american union workers to maximize profits. Ironic that the republicans only care to boycott coke because of political bullshit tho