Hot Take: "Something Turned Me on and I'm Pissed"

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    Rep. Mondaire Jones joins Hot Take to discuss Trump's latest Fauci insult, Lil Nas X's satanic music video, anti-trans legislation, and more.
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    Clip air date 3/30/2021

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    1. cokesquirrel

      Okay I'm kind of stupid apparently....Is the audio in the animation from an actual newscast or is this something created by the late shell writers? Any answer not pointing out my cluelessness would be appreciated it

    2. Bro' Joe

      Being a Cuomo enabler, the useful idiot NY rep is more concerned about men that "pretend" to be women... then actual women themselves, lol.

    3. terryq5150

      Trump threw paper towels😎

    4. Mike Breen

      I love these guys, they tell it like it is, and I didn't even know it was.

    5. Nirotix

      Dominion liable lawsuit has False Noise and other falsehood liars running scared. It seems hitting them in the wallet gets thier attention. Powell's defense: "We didn't expect reasonable people to accept such statements as fact". Ya don't say? That's not a defense, that's a "I'm about to get my ass sued off" reply. I figure they are saving the best for last, as Dimwit Donny is about to eat a massive lawsuit from Dominion after False Noise pays out. Btw, whatever happened to Lou Dobbs? Oh, right...

    6. SurleyBlaine

      If it wasn't for the people on tv crying in fake outrage, I never would have known about the Nas X video. Lol

    7. Bob Mcfierson

      Damn kid just gave the moronic right reps & gave them a perfect line to say Q is right. Common idiots. Wtf ? How are u that stupid?

    8. james eaton

      Joe passed border to Kamal and Kamal said pass. No one running government and Dems are happy no one doing anything

    9. grim rott

      "This song is a certified Bop." Fact.


      I would happily rip my shoulder capsule in twain making a fast accurate pitch after weeks of daily practice...than be saddled with that forever clip of a 'girlie throw' (no offense to girlies). But then, Fauci is the fucking man, yo. So cut him le slack-eh.

      1. akinpaws

        The dude is *80.*

    11. Audie

      😆. I knew next to nothing about why a rapper chose to do the whole satan thing. 😆 why not? Its not like there will ever be a time when christians don't think non-christian-heterosexuality is satanic. 😆

    12. MightyMoose

      He sounds like Archer.

    13. Billy Lantigua

      I love this show

    14. lacebolla

      When Colberto is out of the room, ships happens

    15. thorium222

      I wanted to comment something on the things this disgraced orange failure guy former has been said but I already forgot what he lied about this time. 🤷

    16. Crossword131

      The smug on Mondaire's face is everything I need this morning. Love you, Rep. Jones!!!

    17. lox ho

      Truck drivers often pee in bottles. Will the govt break up truck companies?

    18. susan sellars

      Trump is such an embarrassment to our country!

    19. charina enchente

      To the New York politician STAY IN YOUR LANE! and STOP trying to CHANGE the ways of those who DON'T live in New York

    20. 78 trans am

      Cant believe trump is still jealous about the first pitch 🤔.. oh wait, yes I can

    21. aprophethere

      how have i never seen this show? the algorithm failed me.

    22. superblonde

      02:15 Lil Nas X incorporates racist lyrics in his music which holds down his community yet the audiences lap it up while the record labels laugh all the way to the bank with the profits 💰 so when is the community going to reject racist lyrics from music and media ??

      1. Marc T

        Probably around the same time the community rejects racist Republicans

    23. dopa miney

      😂😂😎this is a Nasty good!episode!

    24. enriqueali

      These Toons always get a laugh out of me 😂😂😂😆😆😆

    25. Tiff Hitz

      Best show ever

    26. Jim Healy

      In fact are you???

    27. Jim Healy

      Stevie where are you on Biden? In fact where are you??

    28. Mike Mike


    29. Raffaele Calvia

      Oh, fuck, when I seen Rep. Mondaire Jones talking about Lil Nas X I had the widest smile and a tear in my eye, thank you sir.

    30. Jane Doe

      I LOVE this!!!!!

    31. thesinaclwon

      “Nobody has to pee in a bottle, they get to”

    32. Jennifer Hizzy

      I think the attorneys forgot to share the inner office memo with Lindell. you know the one about the fact that they were lying to supreme judges.

    33. Lucy Nunya

      I feel slightly disappointed the devil wasn’t Dave Grohl recreating his famous turn as the devil for Tenacious D. A powerful crossover opportunity was missed.

    34. Fifthelement203

      I’ve never seen lil nax video. But those clips were gross 🤮.

    35. Toutai Palu


    36. Jordan Daniels

      “This complete snack” had me spit out my beer in laughter 😂😂😂

    37. Oshungurl

      Meanie alert 😂🤣

    38. Jonny- B

      I'm for breaking up Amazon. Not just them though. Competition is fucking non existent nowadays. 2 or 3 mega corps is not competition. Too much concentration of power and wealth for how large these industries are. I really love my 1-2 day shipping. But I also don't really mind waiting a week either like I do for the other 50% of stuff I order online.

    39. at Lesterlexxx

      All hail, Trump Almighty!

    40. Rocky

      Forget about the whole gay,devil twerk,blah blah blah... I just didn't like the song

    41. Buds&Vines

      Woah meanie alert 😂

    42. MegaCassie83


    43. BeastNation2009

      Why does the Tomi Lauren-ish panelist's voice remind me of Debra??? lol

    44. Janae Nae13

      Thats for private times

    45. Janae Nae13

      Should i grind on satan??? Would the world LOVE IT???

    46. Janae Nae13


    47. Janae Nae13


    48. Janae Nae13


    49. Janae Nae13


    50. Janae Nae13


    51. Alys Land

      I love tooning out.

    52. Darren Pearn

      Bring back David Letterman. This is crap

    53. Fred A

      Funny! Lil Nas X had him hot and bothered. Love it!

    54. Russell Dow

      South park did it the best with saddam and Satan.

    55. Brendan Lake

      Its crazy how I genuinely couldn’t tell if that Trump statement was fake or if it was real lol. That tells you how far away from reality Trump and his cronies have pushed our political discussion because that sounds exactly like what Trump would say.

    56. Caroline


    57. Susan Bishop

      I am not a fan of this cartoon stuff.

    58. Addie Alexander

      The Supreme already rejected the lawsuits. They should break up Amazon, but when they do part of me will die.

    59. Taylor Abrahamse

      why is the best writing in these cartoon clips that barely anyone sees??

    60. Taylor Abrahamse

      shitposting & sons is brilliant btw

    61. Taylor Abrahamse

      'Scrub to about 1:59' ahahah!

    62. Envyy

      What happened to Colbert? Just realizing he’s gone.

    63. Jarno Hyvönen

      Donald Jesus Trump

    64. rickulrick

      I know people that P in a bottle.

      1. Jerry Lucy

        Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes

    65. DRS 1

      This show is so underrated

    66. Bazz Bro

      Never liked this segment... but it’s channeling that Colbert report spirit a lil better and better these days. I like.

    67. Michael vs lucifer

      ...and the things he was doing to make me hot were delectably unspeakable-yum yum🔻🌀🔺️

    68. Kevin Street

      Tyler is just carrying on the family business. That's nice.

    69. WeeWeeJumbo

      Lil Nas channeling Robert Palmer (this is a joke for old folk)

    70. chemxfan

      I think they're mocking Fox News? Seriously, someone tell me - because Hot Take looks like it's BECOMING Fox, not just mocking it anymore.

    71. Fauler Perfektionist

      Well, conservative outrage machine, I'm sure Lil Nas X appreciates the free publicity you folks just gave him. 🤷

    72. Kailyn Wood


    73. Fauler Perfektionist

      Oh, god. 🤦 How can Mike Lindell be _this_ divorced from reality? August? Which year?

    74. The Modern Dictator

      There's nothing like this on TV. Please make this a series.

    75. Moses of Now

      Our lord beefiness 🤣🤣🤣

    76. Richard Zippler

      Good grief

    77. Nastybedazzler

      These clips are always so funny.

    78. truth troll

      Someone warn the supreme court to lock the doors turn out the lights and pretend they aren't home, _mike lindell is the ultimate unwanted visitor_

    79. Andy Brinegar

      "A certified bop" lmao

    80. KPepper L

      If anyone watch that documentary on Amazon... You know it is too big to break up. I am sure they run most of the government's data and can easily use that to hold the government hostage. They should have dealt with Amazon a decade ago, but even then, I think it was too late.

    81. skyflower


    82. Associates & GIvens

      TOTN Is Getting Real In Your Face Brutal!!!!! “Our Lord Beefyness!” Tyler Templeton is so on the tank for #45! L’il Nas X grinding on the Devil? Wow! I agree with the guest when he told Tyler “you know you love like it. . .” Thanks TOTN Team!

    83. Andrew James

      I'm an older guy, and I'm expected to say that everything was better when I was young back in the 70s. I read National Lampoon and watched the original SNL. But this is really great. There's an opportunity for the US to back away from the cliff they almost went all Thelma and Louise over, and shift in a new direction. Or maybe it's just more snarky comedy, preaching to the choir. Hard to say.

    84. Mr Number One

      U know what you should do...? 4:56

    85. J B

      So are we not getting daily monologues from the previous night's show anymore?

    86. Nate_orious 000

      Okay these crazy animations are great and all but can we get a monologue

      1. Nate_orious 000

        😓 that’s what I thought I just didn’t want it to be true

      2. Chrissie K

        Nope, Easter break, will get back next week or smt

    87. Tim Bacchus

      Who does these voices?

    88. Kenneth Hartless

      Really? Amazon workers peeing in bottles? That’s so ridiculous!

    89. skyflower


    90. skyflower


    91. Connor Lancaster

      Hey who wants to turn to Christ and live for Jesus and obey him ? This life is temporary compared to all eternity in hell. Jesus loved you to die for you and this isn’t a religion it’s a relationship. You need read the Bible it’s very important it has all the answers you need. Now you may say but I’m a good person or God loves me and if you believe in God then your good but I bet you didn’t know that not even forgiving others is enough to send you to hell Jesus is very serious about sin. No sin is worth going hell for I would turn to Christ if I were you Jesus is coming soon and he’s coming back with no mercy. But the good news is that he’s happy to forgive you of your sins and wants to talk and he wants to have a relationship with you and be your Heavenly Father you can spend a beautiful life in heaven forever repent or perish you can’t continue to live in sin.i

      1. Connor Lancaster

        @A Progressive Christian how am I prideful yes everyone has sinned but once you have turned to Christ you can’t sin and Jesus says most people go to hell

      2. Connor Lancaster

        @Jim Uicker no everyone has sinned and believe me it’s amazing having a relationship with Jesus

      3. Jim Uicker

        This "Jesus" you speak of sounds like a horrible person. He loved me to die (not for me; I didn't ask him to do that) and he's coming back for revenge without mercy? That sounds like a very bad "relationship." If you're in a relationship like that, you should try to get to a domestic violence shelter as soon as possible. Thank God I don't have any sins!

    92. Nicole Kenna

      Much like the Colbert Report the level of irony in these segments is a tightrope, but they keep getting better and better. Love it!

    93. Avital Lichtenfeld

      Rep. Mondaire Jones is my representative! So proud

    94. D Shepherd

      It’s the My Crackhead guy!

    95. Danm Seattle

      WHY does Colbert keep showing this stupid,annoying cartoon? This particular one is the MOST irritating and smug installment yet! The animation sucks too! By the way, I hate Trump and Fox News, so I don't object to the political satire itself, just in its execution.

    96. Jeff Hughes

      Hahaha, "Shitposting & Sons". You guys.

    97. Immortal Asirpa

      We're so poor in America, we don't even have pots left to piss into. Just bottles. Thanks, Amazon 😐

    98. Del Aadland

      Are we sure Mike has quit using crack?

    99. James Lade

      The disgraced loser leader Spanky Tweetie Twump. Twump is the worst president in the history of America by far. Good riddance

    100. Kit

      "This complete SNACK" haha 😂 fantastic!