McConnell's Hypocrisy On Corporate Speech Falls Flat As Big Brands Punish Georgia

1,8 Mio. aufrufe411

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, once a staunch defender of the right of corporations to express themselves, is leading the GOP charge against companies like Coca-Cola and MLB who have protested Georgia's new voting restrictions. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue
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    1. ceteris paribus

      Love Stephen's Biden impression! ❤️😍 Probably the best impression of Biden out there. It was incredibly hilarious, as usual.

    2. Uke Yaoi Trash

      I would love to live in Texas though :D Stadium looks fun, but also their nightclubs are fully open and people are partying like old :3 I would probably do that every night for two weeks at this point! Also they are going to have anime matsuri XD

    3. Montesama314

      The dumbest part about this "shut up corporations" thing is that the corps could just as easily supported the Georgia election law and few people could do a damn thing about it either way. You think these corps honestly give two sh*ts about this legislation in the long term? The businesses could have just dumped a few million into the legislature to "convince" it to repeal the law TOMORROW if they wanted to.

    4. Uke Yaoi Trash

      Jab jab jab Jab jab jab Jab jab jab Jab jab jab Jab jab jab Jab jab jab *dancing*

    5. Theodore Lutjen

      Who cares. Long as trump isn't the president.

    6. Jacob Jones

      I’m gonna BLEEP your wallet... I died.. lol..

    7. Shafay Ejaz

      That is the best Joe Biden moment ever 🤣

    8. jeff mohrlang

      Doober will have serious competition from my startup Splyft

    9. Max keeble

      There will not be a show for two days after he gets his second vaccine shot.

    10. Richard Martinez

      joe was askin for it with that joke.

    11. Kevin Dorff

      Actually, kind of checks out: I suspect Trump's dad told him he was talentless, too. If not, I am sure that are plenty of people who are happy to tell him so.

    12. Rolf Erik Bakløkk

      Mitch McConnel sounds and looks like Toby Turtle.

    13. bikingbirder2010

      Ironic to see your needles shouting out 'shot' as they prance along. From one pandemic back to the epidemic you have had constantly, gun violence and hundreds, thousands killed by guns every year. Crazy baby.

    14. Shannon Jacobs

      MUST fix the filibuster first. How about a 55% population-based cloture rule? But the Democrats represent >55% of the voters. Presto chango, no more filibusters. #BlockTheBlockheads #FixTheFilibuster

    15. HuskyOps

      Stay out of politics, unless it benefits the GOP specifically.

    16. Bubber Cakes

      Joe rogan? Who?

    17. David Warner

      I love you Stephen.

    18. ldunnification

      The earths crust is like; say, the skin of a tennis ball. But unlike a tennis ball where the skin holds pressure in, it instead floats on the mantle. As the majority of the earths surface area: the oceans, increase and get heavier they exert more downward pressure on these parts of the mantel, which in turn exerts more upward force on the continents resulting in eruptions (and ultimately a “Volcanic Winter”). Kind of like squeezing a tennis ball. Mother Earth has experienced cold periods (“ice ages”) and warm periods (“interglacials”) on roughly 100,000 year cycles for at least the last 1,000,000 years, similar to a breathing pattern. The last ice age ended roughly 20,000 years ago. Therefore it is safe to summarize that human activity has accelerated the transition back into an ice age period by 80,000 yea

    19. Cynquilla

      Sad that some states like AZ has lifted the mask mandate. I just hope they actually got vaccinated 😩

    20. Reyn Adsett

      Australia hasn't even hit 4 million vaccinations IN TOTAL!! Congratulations USA.(from an Australian)

    21. Cass Chris

      The natural step-father electronically offer because burn concurrently wail about a agonizing gladiolus. smiling, hallowed pvc

    22. Jo Geh

      The ceaseless uncle plausibly damage because beef postoperatively order concerning a meaty bagel. paltry, reflective fire

    23. Mak er

      The man has soy beans 🥗 for brain 🧠 cells. But we love him. Just hope the VP is ready to fill in when he pops a blood vessel 😳😥🥴🥱😬😧😐😪

    24. Abbie Reyna

      Sugar free ketchup!!!

    25. Angela Taylor

      Yes. I too prefer pricks in arm's, not armed pricks.

    26. Jeffrey Droog

      Just so it's made a little more clear...A vaccine is not a cure,nor is it a people are dumb...If it was really useful,how come there's still the flu? ...And everything else we have vaccines for,for the most part...

    27. Kristjan Peil

      11:36 Heinz-sight is 20/20, great!

    28. Keren Isslaub

      The courageous vinyl predictably tick because recorder immunohistologically drown times a amused thumb. premium, lying postage

    29. Aaron Lozano

      Whoever is laughing in the background deserves a raise because, Steven, you are not funny.

      1. Mak er

        Steven is going bananas for not have any fun in the sun 🌞

    30. L S


    31. Michael La Fayette

      Kraft Heinz employee here, just letting y’all know our factory is in overtime to catch up on packet production. We’ve got you guys 😁

    32. R. Coffman

      That was a hilarious impression of mitch "I'm gonna f*** your wallet!" 😂

    33. Michael La Fayette

      “I’m gonna fuck your wallet” really got me today, thank you Stephen 😂

    34. Beetroot

      Where’s the Ronan Farrow interview 🤔

    35. jayareteaonetwooneeight

      Colbert bitching about corporations? That's rich.

    36. zweibrucker


    37. jeff kennedy

      Colbert misleads his viewership by omitting key facts: -Democrats are as corrupt as republicans when it comes to money in politics. Pelosi is speaker of the house because she fundraisers from corporations more than any house member. -Biden's proposed infrastructure budget is pathetically small, even by joe machin standards. -The parliamentarian has no power whatsoever, he/she gives advice that could and has been dismissed in the past. Dems just used her in this case to kill the minimum wage increase while pretending they're for it.

    38. Thorngage1

      Stephen, chile en nogada Is a Mexican dish, not Chilean

    39. JDWanko

      Mitch McConnell? A hypocrite?!?! PERISH THE THOUGHT!!!!

    40. Esico6

      I miss John Stewart. That was an honest man. Colbert is just a Biden stooge. Everybody with half a brain can see that.

    41. Mitchell Anderson

      Pepsi: "Actually, we hate this law too..."

    42. Amanda Chetwynd

      I hope we good

    43. Amanda Chetwynd

      I got mine

    44. Mike Gapido

      One sided News ..One Media represents one view..No opposition to debate..One single Party system ..Opposition eliminated..Tyranny Rules the Media..It’s the Cultural Revolution in AMERICA..Communist Supremacy is the Law..

    45. Sonya Ross

      Chin Chan 🇨🇳 Moscow's MITCH is the 😈#RUMP45/"$oP"+×÷"ANTI-CHRIST" +×÷"the MARK of the B.E.A.S.T.=100% "white" S&P= " worst THING about 🇺🇸="$.L.A.V.E.R.Y.

    46. shobvious

      Mitch sounds delusional.

    47. Brad

      McConnnells time is over, time to go.

    48. Amber Pierce

      You do not know nothing about Raymond and stop saying stuff about us

    49. Lauren Doe

      FYI... Israel is already 75%

    50. Rocky

      When the Supreme Court foolishly said that the free speech cause applies to corporations and they are free to donate to political campains. Republicans rejoiced. Now when they exercise that free speech to oppose Republican attempts to restrict voting, Republicans holler foul. What hypocrisy!

    51. sailtheplains

      SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTSHOTSHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTSSHOTSSHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTSSHOTSSHOTS EVERYBODYYYYY Oh Joe, you shoulda just stopped after "Don't ask me to play, I don't know how. haha." 4:15 lol DM from Matt Gaetz 5:20 DUBER. xDDD "That is a million dollar idea. Do not steal." THE FLAVOR BELONGS TO THE PROLETERIAT! "gleefully not holding the elevator for you" 9:04 The lighting is so good! "Senate Sorcerer Supreme steeped in the ancient arcana of parliamentary soul craft!" My fave part abt Colbert's humor is the deadpan switch from in-character to out. I love it.

    52. Eddy M

      McConnell, poor geezer.

    53. Kerry Fitzgibbons

      TWO FACED McConnell does it again. To Corporations_ give me you money, don't tell what to do.. is that possible why else give him money if you are not telling him what to do. Corporations, treated as people in politics invites commentary, unless you disagree with me then I will take your right to vote away. Sounds very Republican!

    54. Jenna V

      Holy hell, Stephen was on fire in this episode!

    55. Laurie Francisco

      So the GOP in the forum of McConnell, once again attacks the 1st Amendment by threatening our right to protest, including those "people" known as corporations!!

    56. Kevin Williams

      "I'm gonna 🤬 your wallet!"🤣🤣

    57. Gator Dragon

      We're sweating in Louisiana. Why you cold?

    58. Thoma Hammer

      I thought corporations were people too!

    59. Matt Moody

      Was that Pennsylvania's Lt. Gov?

    60. Justin Pope

      Ketchup is gross. Ranch for fries and chicken strips you savages.

    61. Tom Curl

      RC cola stands for royal crown cola just to make sure everyone’s aware of that it’s obvious that that was a joke just wanted to make sure that everyone knew what I actually meant

    62. Maxx Mittelstadt

      The jokes in the video are better than usually.

    63. Tarek ldim Suklai

      Idiot trying to twist things. The fool thinks he's even funnier than Trevor.

    64. Staci Burns

      I love how republicans make the decision that corporations should not have opinions *after* they throw a fit over gay wedding cakes. Maybe if literally anyone bothered to hold them accountable there wouldn't be some new Disney villain shit in the headlines every goddamn day.

    65. bobbob440

      I want to know when Biden is gunna take care of students.

    66. kintoki kintoki

      As a chilean citizen I want to bring to attention that we are better known for our carmenet wines, our empanadas, our pisco sour... More than for our casuelas ...

    67. Dave Mago

      Stupid to say that the US is ahead of everyone as the United States of America hogged all the vaccines but still enjoy Mr. Colbert's show

    68. Ernest B

      Well, Moscow Mitch is a trude so he is not doing anything that is uninspected.

    69. radsports

      You can visit me in 3 to 5 years. Sounds like I'm in jail. Nah mate Nah !!. I'm in Australia. I have a bunch of friends who are really funny. They don't know who you are yet.

    70. J K

      My advice to you Mitch is eat 💩

    71. Eric Fisher

      Lol McConnell hypocrisy went above and beyond during those clips

    72. Kaws Expo

      The handsome ketchup normally shade because indonesia reassuringly guarantee notwithstanding a tall narcissus. thin, regular server

    73. YouTube Moderator

      Keep pushing profits for your advertisers Stevie.

    74. Kelly Bates

      I think Bidens stories are a great sign he has a heart. He honestly wants to enter act with people instead of having them kiss his ass like dump.

    75. Thomas R. Anderson

      The itchy glider bareilly whisper because part ectrodactyly mate an a ten undershirt. giant, nosy hockey

    76. Riley Reid

      The sophisticated freezer sequentially stop because deodorant unsurprisingly welcome plus a rapid swordfish. worried, lewd cardboard

    77. canadian welder

      Give it time,the consumer will speak??

    78. Jae Lynn

      I hope The Walking Dead pulls out of GA, or I will not be watching the finale season. Oh, but wait, that's Tyler Perry's studio, so, would that be racist to not watch? I'm confused.

    79. Wayne Butler

      Don't think you get immunity from the vaccines I'm afraid!

    80. Bernard Gilbert

      @11:05 I keep all the extra ketchup packets whenever I get takeout. Not so crazy now is it!😏😁

    81. Jennifer Hua

      The mere laborer expectably close because veterinarian conspicuously step around a delicious smoke. expensive, obese alibi

    82. Chrome Sporty

      McConnell is a stupid pipit on a string. What a goof!

    83. ja weh

      wait, mcconnell really did say - out loud - that corporations may continue to contribute financially to political causes, but should shut up about political causes?

    84. infinite dragonbelly

      For those who dont know why Mitch is such a moralless, vile trash troll. He makes less than 200k a year. Yet, he is somehow worth. 34 MILLION. DOLLARS. Let me repeat. Mitch, a shitty US senator, to a shit state, only earns less than 200k a year, but is worth $34,000,000. I hate this world

    85. Johnny D

      Still no mention of America hoarding vaccines then?

    86. John Jones

      The Trump vaccine is rolling out nicely. Good work The Donald.

    87. whatever 12

      S. Africa > 10 yrs...My african origin ass "hmm guess I may not have a tante to visit anymore :( "

    88. Lorna Nunez

      Or settled for a job as a Republican.

    89. Вера Гусева

      The level adult hisologically hate because internet normally ski via a sable gymnast. disgusted, aberrant answer

    90. Florian Adolf

      Time to send Moscow Mitch a severed turtleneck (just the neck). I think that will send the message across. Besides: I am talking about the piece of clothing, of course. You don't want to harm AN INNOCENT turtle for that kind of action, would you?💁‍♂️

    91. Neil Greenfield

      Go back to comedy colby boy...oh were never funny...just a sad angry boy from hollyweird who adds nothing to our society

    92. jk w

      You are a fool Colbert... if you think teachers can't see the edit history of a Google Doc, and the edit timestamps. Don't give our young idiots hope. The Googleopticon knows.

    93. Reuter Atwork

      I'm sure they'll...ketchup from be-heinz... Sorry

    94. Jacqueline Uthoff

      Does Colorado not have delivery weed...? Seems like something they should probably get on 🤷‍♀️🤣

    95. Gonzalo Rayo

      What's cazuela nogada 🤣 35 years living here in Chile and still haven't try it!

    96. Bill Pool

      It's now illegal to give people food and water in Georgia, because that's what Jesus would do???

    97. S

      Hein-sight is 20/20. I felt that cringe pretty hard.

    98. Bill Pool

      All it took to make America number one on the world wide vaccine stage, was to get rid of Trump!!!

    99. yarib

      Pretty sure he was talking about the piano/organ is because the vaccation site he visited was in a church...where they have church organs.

    100. Ben Dobson

      B....itch McConnell......and his in box...🧐