Dressed As Peacemaker, John Cena Confesses His Feelings About John Oliver

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    John Cena is a 16-time WWE World Champion, author, and actor, but he still feels like he has a lot to prove to John Oliver. You can see John Cena in the upcoming film, "The Suicide Squad," and as the host of "Wipeout." Plus, you can check out his new books, "Be a Work in Progress" and "Do Your Best Every Day to Do Your Best Every Day." #Colbert #Wipeout #JohnCena
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    1. Donna Misko

      Cena passed the credit with such class and pointing out what's really important!!

    2. N P

      'He loves peace and he's willing to kill to get it' Team America wants to know your location

    3. M Egg

      As a John Oliver stan this makes me so happy

    4. Uriel X

      John Oliver is the reason you can't see John Cena

    5. Saif Ali

      The entrance was so funny 😂 the face he made then smiled 😂

    6. PIMI AnimaVDO

      J. Cena is pretty funny. Cool. :)

    7. Evan Houston

      Is it weird that my birthday comes one day after their’s

    8. Donovan Werts

      You're a late adapter. lol

    9. Akeem

      Why is Colbert talking to himself?

    10. Danny

      Peacemaker can fucking do anything. John Cena is a legend

    11. Jenny Fomina

      So who was Stephen interviewing?

    12. raisedTwIsTeD

      John Oliver Cena

    13. raisedTwIsTeD

      John Cena Oliver

    14. raisedTwIsTeD

      You gotta choose the right move

    15. Giant Catbass

      That's what we want


      Must have been very difficult for Stephen Colbert to pretend to interview someone even though he's alone

    17. Josh R

      John Cena's trying really hard to be likable so he can be in movies more and follow suit with Dwayne Johnson. It might be working.

    18. SeverusChaos

      Never has an interview made me consider buying a celebrity’s book more than this interview.

    19. MRR D

      Now I ship John Oliver and John Cena, I personally think they should have regular segments together 😂

    20. Faith Mosiane

      I love this man

    21. Benton Xavier

      I'm not a fan of WWE or the films John Cena has been in, but he is such a cool and funny guy.

    22. Rachel Rexxx

      I'm pretty sure that helmet is based on the head of the gynoid from Metropolis (1927).

    23. Firkin Fright

      Gotta say, if anybody can pull off wearing that helmet... its John Cena.

    24. one click

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    25. Rituraj Singh

      Yeah but why isn't cena in the video?

    26. Must have Coca-Cola

      Cena's right, you know, he does live in Oliver's shadow, I only clicked on this video because I saw John Oliver's name, LOL!! Also that helmet IS ridiculous!! :-D

    27. H D

      Stephens getting chubby 😆 🤣

    28. Josh Nabours

      Does peacemaker use an 1873 colt peacemaker to make peace happen?

    29. Justin Green

      Why is Stephen interviewing no one in this video? Im so damn confused.

    30. Suzanne Brown

      Okay, John: I was also born on the 23rd, but 4 month’s later, in August! The 23rd is a lucky day for me, usually. However, not knowing your age, I look at you and think: You - young; Me - Old! The years speak miles! In August, I will hit the 3/4 Century mark! OMG! 😮🤔

    31. Caticorn Purrmaid

      So when J Cena participated in the Conspiracy Theories PSA for J Oliver l wanted to get to know him better. I just became a full-fledged fan with my jaw dropped at his charisma. 🤓

    32. Pranav Gujarathi

      They should make a Hulk TV show where Jon Oliver is Bruce Banner and John Cena is the Hulk

    33. mr molman

      Why is stephen talking to himself

    34. Benjamin Littlemore

      Pure entertainment love it

    35. Phil Chia

      The Positivity Trio: John Cena, Keanu Reves, The Rock.

    36. Xph Aku

      John Cena would have made a great Buster Gold.

    37. INDO

      Can’t believe this guy dropped one of the hardest rap albums ever

    38. Prodigious Wolf

      People are excited about Sylvester Stallone's Shark character, but I could already tell by the trailer that John Cena will be the best part of the new Suicide Squad.

    39. Phillip Siegel

      Loves peace willing to kill everyone to get it. Colbert's rebuddle :stupidest helmet ever...

    40. Amy Anderson

      I was surprisingly delighted by this interview. 💙

    41. Michael Liles

      And how many broken bones of kids have resulted from decades of Mimicking their idols in wrestling? More than one who was brilliant enough to remember that in a moment of crisis

      1. Gnome de Plume

        That's why they have the message to not try this stuff at home

    42. Michael Liles

      He’s starting to look like a younger but older Arnold S.

    43. Enter Cringe

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    44. Brittany Simpson

      John Cena, you’re the bomb. That is all.

    45. Semba Timothy Nkalamo

      Dudes a class act. Handled the entire thing beautifully

    46. Renato Herrera

      What a wholesome dude

    47. TinyTorah

      I’m always surprised at how wonderful, talented, funny, smart, kind, and humble John Cena is. He’s perfectly antithetical to toxic-masculinity. Just a shame no one’s ever seen the guy...

    48. sarathyiisc

      Where's John Cena? He wasn't even there the whole time

    49. Squilliam Fancyson

      Who's Colbert even talking to?

    50. Faye

      cena > oliver

    51. Filip Schneider

      I love how they obvoiusly invited him to promote the books and Wipeout, but he just keeps promoting The Suicide Squad instead 😀

      1. Gnome de Plume

        Except for all the parts where he talks about the book and the show

    52. Justin

      John Cena is so effortlessly funny

    53. Mike Eyaotu

      Could hear who was being interviewed, but couldn't see him....

    54. 1craley878

      John cena reminds me a lot about the recently deceased actor Sam lloyd, He did whatever it took, even though it was often to be seen making fun of himself just to make someone laugh and to make the world a better place. We could always use more people like them.

    55. Vanguard 1

      He should have "Shockmastered" the door entrance and fumbled to put the helmet back on. All while the soundbite playing "and his name is John Cena" in the background...

    56. Yarn Campbell

      It is so hard to concentrate on John’s sincere words of wisdom, while hearing his vinyl suit rubbing together.

    57. mykmmc


    58. Sir Wallace

      I like how friendly John Cena is. He projects friendly strength... far more useful than projecting fearful strength like bullies try to do. :)

    59. AmpleConfusionify

      God I wish I could see John Oliver react to this video.

    60. Colleen Cook

      John is the BEST!!!😁😁😁

    61. Lauren Griffith

      John Cena was on?! I can't see him!!

    62. r3zur3x

      Fruity pebbles! You're awesome John!

    63. pathofclouds85

      Probably the most wholesome late night interview I have seen in a while

    64. pathofclouds85

      He is hilarious lolol

    65. David B

      Piece Maker, what?

    66. Marguerite Hudsell

      Negative Emotions are Prompted, Provoked, Incited. Why? What is Freedom and Peace like?

      1. Marguerite Hudsell

        What are, what are they like? I failed to proof my work. Why don't you just fire me then?!

    67. Marguerite Hudsell

      That reference was made about the real character saving an entire town by putting his finger in the leak. It was taken as badly as could be represented.

    68. Tobias Merriman

      Man I hated the first Suicide Squad, but Cena's performance here changed my mind about the franchise. Going to give the 2nd one a chance.

    69. Abigail BP

      What a witty and down to earth guy! I've always liked John Cena

    70. Brandon Williams

      John Cena feels pretty good on 420 lol

    71. hpqphpqp

      John Cena: what an absolute UNIT.

    72. Rampage7

      First John Oliver gets on the wrong side of Adam Driver and now John Cena has it out for Oliver, too Kylo will leave zero doubt that he’s on his way to end John Oliver... but Peacemaker? You’ll never see Peacemaker coming

    73. Justin Kluesner

      I love this man.

    74. Robert Burton

      Why would they just show an empty chair for 12 minutes?

    75. ninjasonmylawn25

      I never really liked John Cena. I've always just thought of him as some big, dumb meathead and it really seems like I've been wrong. He's genuine and that's pretty rare. My apologies to John Cena, respect.

    76. Joe C

      Sounds like a pitch for a twins part 2

    77. 1Stew3 Digital

      He loves peace and he's willing to kill to get it.... That's a proud tradition👀👀👀💀💀💀

    78. D.Y.X.

      Who was Stephen talking to? I couldn't see anyone on the right side of the screen...

    79. Brook Kuhn

      To quote King Steve, corpses are remarkably non-violent.

    80. UB Omninomen

      That helmet is all shiny and chrome! Colbert is officially suspended from the D&D club and all nerd fraternities for the rest of Spring 2021.

    81. PAUA

      John Cena is just a wholesome guy. Such positive and inteligent person who is not affraid to make fun of himself for others.

    82. Nicolas Allen

      John Cena is a class act!!

    83. Moon Nugget

      😹🙌🏾 The John’s are both April Taurus! As a May Taurus I understand them both SO much better now.

    84. d rose

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    85. Sacha DS

      I love John Cena

    86. Erik Van Muylem

      when the mask is off, peacemaker becomes invisible

    87. Maltodekstrin

      Damn John Cena is so gorgeously hot!

    88. rpaynenyc

      I know how John Oliver feels sharing a birthday with someone ageless like John Cena. I share a birthday with Paul Rudd.

    89. socrappyicoulddie

      Absolutely infuriating how charming this man is

    90. Nathan Longhair

      Two great John’s. But seriously Cena is a treasure, and so is Oliver. Thank you both!

    91. Jon Tandy

      I don’t know if peacemaker has any major villains but I now want John Oliver to play them

    92. Hoang Quynh Phuong

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    93. Henry Frequency

      colbert was a real dick in this interview

    94. VideZoniX !

      Impressive words, John. Nice : ]

    95. VideZoniX !

      Yeah. Buck up, Buddy. Where's the third? Jon Batiste as already won a hat-trick of awards and you only wrote two books ? ; )

    96. Duh Blaq Guy

      This was a fun, awesome, wholesome interview. John Cena had smiling, laughing and thinking simultaneously. Great dude

    97. Ema A

      John Cena is an absolute sweetie

    98. withershin

      Something something make a wish but I keep liking this guy more and more. Put him in Star Trek.

    99. kez

      Peace maker can fucking do anything 😂🦸

    100. Jay R

      Weird of Steven to upload a clip of him talking to an empty room...