Ted Cruz grosses out Swamp Thing

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    As Sen. Ted Cruz records a photo op at the border, a Swamp Thing rises from the water and expresses its disgust.
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    Clip air date 3/29/2021
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    1. SeedlingNL

      Isn't that the 9th hole water hazard at Trump's Mar-a-lago-golf-course-and-nuclear-waste-dumping-site?

    2. Devin Shea Productions

      If Republicans were not all drug and alcohol addicts, then we wouldn’t have cartel problems. If the corrupt government would legalize weed, we wouldn’t have cartels. If Americans had jobs and healthcare, we wouldn’t have a drug problem. If we had a single day of vacation we wouldn’t have to do drugs just to drown out our horrible lives.

    3. Michaul Winzey


    4. Betch Face

      Ted Cruz is obviously part of the problem not part of the solution.

    5. herbb jerry

      Stephan Colbert 🐑 doesn’t want to show the REAL border crisis and hides the real problem. So credible

    6. Mikael Biilmann

      Ah! So he could hear by their voices that they were cartel members? Cruz is a genius! 😂

    7. Self Destruct

      ...what about the insane amount of children and families being detained in terrible circumstances at the border? I don't see Stephen getting passed off at Biden for that.

    8. gary peacock

      A “tell” of sorts when he closes his eyes just he says (lie?) the words “cartel members.” As if he actually knows who they are. Go, ask, Rafael.They speak your language.

    9. snibeti snab-xD

      This guy is such a rat

    10. Tzvi Krasner

      I'm surprised he didn't also tell us ManBearPig, Elvis Presley and Bat Boy were with them. Especially Bat Boy. He's waited years to see daddy again.

    11. Big Tex

      Senator Cruz does not have to stand on the border and take that abuse. He can get it at home in Houston anytime.

    12. Julian Flores


    13. Wade Hyatt

      Turns out the human traffickers are on this side of the river, ha

    14. Mag Carb

      Your all Lefty's hell bent on destroying this country! Yes I'm talking to all of you!

    15. Da Hai Zhu

      I doubt Ted could find the border with both hands. He was probably just in his backyard

    16. Atlas Apollo

      Surge is a codeword for white supremacy like gravity effects energy bills

      1. Atlas Apollo

        Code for white peoples problems

      2. Atlas Apollo

        Imagine the military actually being fearful of losing an invasion

      3. Atlas Apollo

        Similar to linking morals with high fructose corn syrup

      4. Atlas Apollo

        Saying moral jobs is like saying my people never had to take risk to accomplish goals

    17. Grady Hall


    18. Mercury Mercer

      I guess if it was still snowing in Texas he be swimming across the water 🤔

    19. Tracy Adams

      May the spotlight continue to shine brightly on Ted Cruz's head.

    20. Knightmarecity K

      Wait, so human traffickers and cartels hang out together WITH their victims and drug shipments in known border patrol areas telegraphing their every move and shouting insults at patrollers and then cross the border when their backs are turned? JFC, Exactly how much video gaming does Cruz do, because there is a whole lot more GTA, Uncharted, and Call of Duty in this story than all three franchises combined.

    21. Matt Thomas

      God, just the sound of his voice is enough to make me wretch. Then I see his face, and I’m instantly over the edge, puking my guts out

    22. Sebastian Gray

      obviously Ted Cruz is a bastard and an idiot and this whole thing is disgusting, but i am also unreasonably excited to see Swamp Thing show up in anything! one of my favorite comics.

    23. A P

      Human traffickers? Was Matt Gaetz there?

    24. Dee Mingo

      He only seems like a kool dude cause of his nostalgic resemblance to bill murray

    25. Maximo Heredia

      The Spanish moss, no is just ted.

    26. susan sellars

      Looks like he's hunting children!

    27. Victor Solis

      thats what happens when u pay for the drugs first, Dealer" hold on just gotta go behind these bushes...swims back laughing with the cash.

    28. Martha Baez

      I don't know what his beef with immigration is. Has he heard his last name? You can't project your daddy issues into politics, Senator.

    29. SpicyHotPot

      If I was on the other side of the river I would be insulting Cancun Cruz as well

    30. Susan Hewitt

      There’s a Stupidus Republucanus on the loose! Even Swamp Thing is running!

    31. Diane Zajicek

      Cartel members - "Cruz is a wiener, Cruz is a wiener. Weiner, wiener, weiner!" Cruz - "Stop it. I get enough of this crap from Americans."

    32. Aaron Dunlap

      If only Marvel Comic’s swamp monster Man Thing could encounter Ted Cruz and give him a tap on the shoulder (Whatever knows fear burns at the touch of Man Thing 😈)

    33. Adamant Forge

      Sir the Home Depot is closed, please leave the garden center.

    34. barrett haines

      Love how liberals always use comedy and comedians when they get exposed!! If a swamp man parody makes you feel better about the worthless president we have go ahead!!

    35. Annie

      Too bad alligators wasn't in that area.

    36. Lori D

      The Evil greedy Cabal is getting sucked down the swamp drain!! Evil never wins in the end!!! The end is near ✝️♥️✝️🙏✝️

    37. Larry Nottingham

      Who's been taunting who?

    38. Mike Puro

      Cancun Cruz, what a doof!!

    39. Janae Nae13

      DISGUSTING lives matter too!

    40. Rozzbourn

      Cruz is fighting for whats right.

    41. Christopher A

      DEcameras deleting dislikes again.

    42. Chuch Villa

      Raphael Ted Cruz was born in Canada from Cuban decent, he believes he is white man, he doesn't believe to be a Latino. Ted Cruz is a Canadian man living in Texas. He is supposedly representing Latino interest in Texas. Texas has 38% latino population, about 35% of them of Mexican decent. He was ready for a coup d'etat in the United States, just like his fellow county man and childhood idol Fidel Castro. He also heavyly supported to build a wall to the neighbor Mexico. Ted Cruz needs to be flipped in the next election. Texas doesn't need a gusano in a land that used to be Mexican. Texans-Mexican let's flip this Canadian for a Texas born from Mexican decent. Let s go Texas!

    43. Dennis Spackman

      Republicans have descended into cosplaying out their version of hoped for reality

    44. Khefren Ka

      So they were yelling and waving flashlights except for the exact moment that he was filming.....

    45. DAGUY42


    46. Kiriu Xeosa

      Fish poop provides a vital part of the food chain that helps feed smaller creatures that then help feed fish and then feed people thus making it more valuable then ted cruz

    47. Hec III

      Teddy is looking for traffickers, he is waiting for his order that he placed on vacation.

    48. Mike Stefka

      Texans don't like Californians but they like Ted Cruz???

    49. Hos

      and i thought Ted IS the Swamp Thing.

    50. Chris Guzek

      Also, Cruz got video of border conditions. Why don't you sheep wonder why Biden will not allow news to go see border conditions? I thought this regime was supposed to be transparent, not hiding things. decameras.info/block/l7B6hZimmM-Yn58/video.html just a blatant distraction by Colbert to keep his zombie sheep viewers from seeing what is happening.

    51. h t

      (At any sporting event with Mark) "Lets leave before the last inning (In order to avoid crowds of people who will passively comment that I am a slaver and reptoid and it HURTS MY FEELINGS)"

    52. FoxxxyDragon

      Why is Cruz wearing a tuxedo vest in the 'jungle'

    53. Teresa Rodriguez

      Wow, lying

    54. Alex Samaris

      Everyone should go out to their backyards and do a similar "border patrol video." ... I will the last time I was out there I didn't see one migrant. Maybe there isn't a problem they don't seem to be crossing from where I looked.

    55. Josh Mieszczur

      Cartel members or Human Traffickers, which one Ted? The rascism Ted spews is so disgusting. He might be ahead of Mitch Mcconnell for vilest person in the Senate.

    56. T'Town Tim

      cruz is a block of rancid Roquefort cheese come to life.

    57. davdonoghue

      Cruz is so disgusting he just might be the front runner for maga republican 2024

    58. Rafed hmadi

      This where are you want to Mexico !

    59. Big Sheed

      I see Ted Cruz has been studying Alex Jones style of reporting.

    60. Ray Bin

      Actually...I believe he was hoping to score some reefer. 😆

    61. Jake Fulton

      If it’s human suffering then maybe they shouldn’t be walking here and they should go home. The left just trying to use bad comedy to cover for the huge mistakes of this administration just 3 months into his fake presidency

    62. Put Jesus First!!!

      Wasn’t gross when democrats did it... lots of hypocrites in this country.. You all have these kids locked up in cages

    63. Jodie Benevitae West

      Lol how do you know who it is on the other side

    64. Rick G

      I’m from Houston Texas and he is no Latino brother of mine . Cruz is such a hypocrite. There is an immigration problem obviously but when trump was in off he didn’t give a fuk . It’s just a photo opp .

    65. Joseph Devine

      So, he's sure that they are human traffickers because after they cut the cameras he flashlight signals his order.

    66. Jon brown

      Wrong way to Cancun Terd

    67. Yeswecan

      What an idiote hhhhhhh

    68. CioMaria

      Did anyone else notice that he’s wearing a tuxedo or some other satiny vest to do his “investigative reporting”? I haven’t seen his whole “documentary” but isn’t it also weird that they’re using such bright lights if they’re really at border, wouldn’t they be using night vision or cameras that are meant for low light? Also notice that his other hand never comes into frame? My guess is that he’s really hanging out at the back edge of a hotel/resort’s landscaping after attending an event of some sort. I betcha that someone has the zoomed out footage this on their iPhone and he’s holding a cocktail in the hand that you can’t see.

    69. El Ram

      To be honest...that swamp monster is a credible source compared to Ted Wuss aka "Cruz".

    70. 森田. Morita淳一郎 Junichiro


    71. Doom Pacifist

      Is that really how he did this photo op ? Pointing at the darkness, looking at nothing and saying there's a drug cartel "over there" ?

    72. Citizen De Watts

      Ted Cruz this ain’t no Baywatch Nights, take your ol a** home.

    73. Facts McBruh

      Who would win in a bare knuckle match Ted Cruz or Rand Paul?

    74. Branjo Snow

      Zoom back and Ted is at the bottom of his own garden.

    75. Carol Reid

      These children and those trafficking isn't a "stunt", it's a disaster.

    76. Sylvia Torres

      Darn i wanted swamp thing to take away. He runs away from his state is freezing. His a🥚🐥....so he should just shut his mouth. He talks like his Boss the Orange swamp thing😂😂👏👏

    77. Alec Y Not.

      How come Ted wasn't armed with an AR-15, he could have shot the bad guys, he already knows who they are. Weak as Texass piss!!!

    78. Agnes Galvez,MS, RDN, LDN


    79. vegasax

      🤔weird double standard when he is an illegal Swamp Thing himself🤣 isn't he from Cuba nalgas negras with a little boat on his forhead!?

    80. Liam Miller

      The is never a 12 foot alligator when you need one

    81. Henry The Pretzel

      this would be hilarious if there wasnt human suffering happening at the border. caused by the democrats caging children and ripping them away from their parents.

    82. Js Travelers


    83. Trampus Burton

      What is the matter dnt like seeing how bad biden has screwed up the border and Mr potato head is jus getting started at screwing everything up

    84. Tara Townsend

      Swamp Thing is more human-like than Cruz.

    85. Seymore Buddz

      You're all trash pretending Stephen Colbert is even a comedian

    86. jessi again

      I bet he doesn’t tip when he vacations in Cancun.

    87. Elbar Jones

      TURD Cruz is a giant mud fish.

    88. Francesca DAC

      Cancun “Colon Climber” Cruz is at it again. He does like warm places, isn’t it nice that when he draws his last breath he will be at another place very warm!

    89. Joshua Rosen

      Renew swamp thing it would be perfect for HBO max we just need the right network also the green hell every parliament would order their avatars to kill him just to bond at this point that is how much we hate cruz

    90. Sandra Joseph

      If rich people stopped buying drugs from these cartels, there would not be any cartels!

    91. Kaz Headrest

      More disgusting than fish poop. That's our Teddy!

    92. David Mettille

      Alec holland: hero to the environment, worthy of the white lantern ring, eater of fish poop

      1. David Mettille

        Hey wait a minute what happened to my nom de plume?

    93. Paul Daciuk

      Why don’t you just admit your border security and policies are completely fucked up.

    94. John Smith

      Ted Cruz was born in Canada so he knows about crossing the border and coming to the USA to work.

    95. Jake Stroll

      Oh America. Your lawmakers are livestreaming from a swamp in the middle of the night convinced that immigrants are taunting them from across the border. How far you've fallen lmao.

    96. Ryan Joyce

      Do we just ignore the 100,000 border jumpers from last month alone so we can make fun of Ted Cruz? *Reads through comments* Yep, no problem here, this is fine.

    97. Your Big Head Cousin

      Do cartel members wear uniforms or something? How does he know the people he saw were in a cartel?

    98. natrelacoustix

      Nigel Farage did the same kind of stupid piss poor stunt in the UK. It's pathetic the way these morons lie just to stay relevant.

    99. Mechelle Raby


    100. Jim Yarbrough

      Why is Ted Cacun so upset about the boarder all of a sudden. He hasnt said much about it for the last four years.