Putin's Doctor Made A Critical Error While Giving Him The Vaccine

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    He forgot the most important part of any doctor's visit. #Colbert #ALateShow #ColdOpens
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    1. FAB4


    2. Agnes Kim

      I don't know what the obsession is with televised inoculations. Some people like to do this privately, and to be quite frank, many of us would live more happily without being flooded with pictures of needles sticking out of arms.

    3. zemdimdis

      bruh :D

    4. hello- mynameis

      oh f off

    5. Nuralian Athamna

      the Terorist are not the problem , 76 million voted for trump are more dangerous

    6. 紀成


    7. Mike Puro

      Of course Pukin did!!

    8. Sanctify Succubi

      can't wait to hear how the unlucky guy who gave Putin a faulty vaccine is gonna *"have an accident..."*

    9. Eldritch Teacup

      I wonder how well liked Putin's doctor was.

    10. Hadi Salhi


    11. Yorgos Chrysogenis

      Lately, I have been feeling the urge to repent... and also maybe send an anonymous message to the police revealing the location of the bodies

    12. kelseybabiie

      How can anyone hate putins. He's the best.

    13. Kandy

      Love ya , but wow another vacation wow.. we MISS YOU

    14. Andrey Streltsov

      I'm from Russia. I liked how Putin was shown here)))

    15. Adam Martin

      I saw this headline and read, "Putin's personal doctor suffers tragic death."

    16. Cosmo Genesis

      No no no, Stephen Colbert! Putin shot himself in his privates whilst cleaning his gun. Google Translate strikes again! ps: it's now safe to call him Ms. Putin.

    17. kelley davis

      Uh Dr. Doom would only help Putin to a point and then turn on him. Dr. Doom is the danger that knocks.

    18. Kurt

      The real life Cyril Figis I.E. Stephen Colbert.... is still equally unfunny and useless.

    19. Stanislav Suchár

      Vychadila na na berrg katjuša

    20. Travis Show

      I dare you 1000000 times to do something similar on china. i dare you!!!

    21. susan schaub

      Well,of course,he did it in private,w/o a shirt of course,.....so we wouldn't see him 😭 CRY,while three big guys held him down....

    22. Maria G.

      He waited until enough experimental subjects, errr, Russians, had been vaxxed for a while so he could be sure it was safe

    23. Faruk Ali

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    24. cook beans

      Uploaded on news and still private😂😂😂

    25. Anthropoid

      If ever their was a global crisis, like aliens invading the world, I would opt for Putin to sort it, great man.

    26. Minh Lê

      Took me a few seconds longer than usual to get the joke about the sushi and the underwear lmao #Novichok

    27. Masrur

      Russian is always doing the opposite

    28. Ognjen Trifunovic

      his lollipop cmon man :(

    29. Nabeel Nabeel

      #DateOfQadrNightRamadan1442 Announcing the appointed time for night of Al-Qadr is better than a thousand months, to him among you who will go forward or will remain behind Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad AlYemeni 02 03 2021 AD

    30. Yaz Al

      Anddddd....he's dead hahahaah

    31. Nadoslawa Ralewak

      Prosze o pomoc, Polske opanowala dyktatura zdrajcow!

    32. SkaldLouisCyphre

      I knew MF DOOM was still alive.

    33. Paleont F

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    34. Darren Pearn

      I'm waiting at the top of the stairs for Joke Biden. But it's a windy day apparently, lol. 😂😂🤣🤣😂

    35. vadim uzdensky

      I speak Russian. What Putin said in that clip was actually pretty normal, and this is the best I can translate it: "In hospitals and infectious departments, in all nursing sectors, they are staging a defense against the advancing epidemic".

    36. Hunter Gameson


    37. B J U Morrisdatter

      I prefer my men on horseback to have hair on their chests and a tan.

    38. Gordie Helmkay

      Well, That was a total waste of 1 and 1/2 minutes. Not even remotely amusing, let alone funny.

      1. SRDuly2010

        You can go back to watching the stuck ship videos now.

    39. Aaron Burge

      I love Putin!!

    40. Paul Brandt

      Yehh Oh well Cusp aye Hmm Yeh fk em

      1. Paul Brandt

        But still a gem

      2. Paul Brandt

        I know wolverine (it was a bit squared off at the casino)

    41. Diego Emilio

      Emperor Rasputin will most probably experience some of the side effects of the Russian vaccine, among them, but not the only ones, are swelling of the nipples and shrinkage of the gigglestick.

    42. MaskedMarvyl

      Please don't associate Dr. Doom with Putin. Dr. Doom has class....

    43. Marc T

      So, back in September Putin claimed he vaccinated his daughter with Sputnik V, yet he waited until March to get... which vaccine??? The world may never know

      1. Vito Bovini

        I'll bet it was Moderna..

    44. Agnes Galvez,MS, RDN, LDN


    45. WeightPull ChAmP

      R.I.P. MF DOOM

    46. CB BC

      sputnik = novichok + polonium

    47. Aperture Michelle

      like a comic villain they do tend to leave clues like Novichock only developed and used by them or Litvinenko's cup of tea that had polonium-210 (all of the world's legal polonium-210 (210Po) production occurs in Russia in RBMK reactors)..

    48. Ryan

      My guess is he has an aversion to needles and didn’t want a picture of him wincing to tarnish his tough guy image.

    49. Celtic Batman

      Anything radioactive in the injection?

    50. death13a

      Too bad for Putin Von Doom don't wear underpants!

    51. Colonel Kurtz

      You get the shot in your arm, not your privates Comrade. 🤣😂

    52. Bharat Chovhan

      Jeez that would have hurt!,

    53. Grandma Me

      #Vaccine lies just like the #BorisJohnson freeze frame on jab.

    54. Rachelle Roberthon Favaloro

      Twice vaccinated?

    55. J J

      Can you imagine the fear Putin must of had to trust someone else to put something in his arm.

    56. ssegal35


    57. Tim D

      Lol. 96 butthurt repubtards came by. Putin is thier hero.

    58. Mike B

      Would have been hiliarious if someone managed to sneak poison into his vaccine

    59. JamesAllmond

      If Putin "got in private", that means Putin didn't get it. Coward. That's what all bullies are way deep down.

    60. Ploonet

      "but he forgot my lollipop" XD

    61. Rose wright Wright

      That's why he's doom.

    62. HS

      I SMELL POPCORN! I find it strange that Biden has only been (fake) President for 64 days and is swiftly implementing EVERYTHING Trump warned us he would do if he got in the White House…. Predictions from Trump’s campaign speeches>> • Radical Cabinet Picks • Joe won’t be making the decisions • Eliminate Fracking • Kill the Keystone Pipeline • Get back in the Paris Accord • Open up the Borders • Change Election Laws (to allow theft) • Money sent to Illegal Border Jumpers • Extended CoronaFascism Measures • Oil Prices Skyrocketing • Tax Hikes on the Middle Class • Coming for our guns Am I leaving anything out? Do you really believe the speed of this radical agenda, following along President Trump's script, is organic? Cabal prefers to slow boil frogs in the milk, lest they rebel and jump out of the pot. It’s also very odd that Slow-Joe did nothing much for 47 years, now he’s suddenly greased lightning? Moving even faster than President Trump did? Yet zero time spent with any foreign dignitaries? Zero time spent meeting with domestic company CEO’s in DC? Zero time spent with any of our Military leaders? If masks work and Covid testing is standard WH procedure, then why no visitors? Especially since Biden refuses to release any Virtual Visitor logs. My guess would be we're watching orchestrated (but controlled) chaos. Which could explain why Xiden is always reading a script… one that trips him up quite often (pun intended). And what’s with all the CGI inauguration, pressers and interviews? I become more convinced, every day, that we are watching a movie!

    63. Dave Bartosh

      Silence! lol

    64. ScytheNoire

      Putin didn't want to get the Russian vaccine and had to wait for Russia to steal it from others.

    65. Markshi Beblue


    66. Za Az

      ok... ALL of that was wrong. And damaged my (previously) immutable memory of the old Super Friends show.

    67. HANUNIJA

      Jesus Christ is coming back soon and will give everyone the reward they deserve. Repent to God and Christ and confess and repent of your sins! Accept Christ as your Lord and Savior! Forgive and love one another. Live holy! Read the Bible and learn to live as pleases God and Christ! Don't take the c-vax. Don't get tested! No Make-Up! Do not worship "saints" statues! No worldy music! Fast! No TV! Don't love the world or anything in the world! No sinful desires! Ask for God's opinion! No pagan or church festivals! No ornaments or jewellery! No videogames. Don't listen to worldly teachings! Stay away from the Roman Catholic Church! Pray! Check out the videos of peniel ngonde!

      1. Gonzo York

        Ok Jehovah Witnesses that's enough.

    68. Kevin Street

      "...this lovely gift basket of sushi and underwear..." There's a reference that will be totally incomprehensible to people who didn't live in this era.

      1. Nobody Knows

        What, the They put Novichok in my tea and I pissed my pants era? I thought that was just last August?

      2. SpukiTheLoveKitten75

        We get it, now. That's how he poisoned a couple of guys who spoke out against him.

    69. Erto Bert

      I don't know why the Russians would lie about the efficacy of their Sputnik vaccine, sooner or later the truth will catch up and Russia's name will once again be shamed in history. Like in every event that happened the last 10 years: downing of a passenger plane above Ukraine, poisoning of former spy & his daughter, poisoning of political opponent, killing of a critic & finding innocent men to blame for it, ... The truth always came forward after some time. Why would you do it just to get a good secure patriotic feeling for a small period of 1-2 years? After that time passes, with more reseatch and investigations, people did know the true story. And this happens over and over again, doesnt Russia itself get tired of it? Dont they have other more creative solutions other that outright lying and funding mass propaganda? But then again, its Russia, nothing else to expect I geuss.

    70. SandyRiverBlue

      Wonder if he got the Russian vaccine or the American vaccine?

      1. Vito Bovini

        I'll be willing to bet you he got Moderna!

    71. Elena Christian

      Damnit, I saw the headline and got excited.

    72. Lil Nastyy


    73. Joseph Q

      💜2021✨ pass the Word... #MillenniumLanceAndTheOpenScroll 🌹 #Daniel Chapters 8 thru 12 💜😎

    74. Tanzonia Flakes

      I thought he had it already?

    75. Jenn Leighton

      Putin is one of the funniest world leaders, he genuinely makes me laugh in ways that makes me feel he is more human that most politicians... then I remember how much power he holds...😅

      1. SpukiTheLoveKitten75

        I'll be happy when he laughs all the way to Inferno.

    76. Danielle Small

      This was so good 😂👌

    77. x3nine

      Xenophobia with Stephen Colbert.

    78. J

      I enjoy this show but the double outro is loud & makes me want to throw my phone

    79. Bill Kong

      This is really good

    80. Sarita Rodriguez

      Those eyes 🤔🤔🤔

    81. Dharma Bum

      "And Britney Spears dad" 😂😂😂

    82. Arvind Leo Pereira

      True story

    83. David A

      (in sing songy voice) somebodies been watching a lot of cartoons again...

    84. Visor Overwatch

      If that guy is getting the vaccine, you know it's worth it lol. Still surprised so many ppl who are eligible to get it are saying Nope.

    85. ursaltydog

      Yeah.. we're to believe he took his own home-grown vaccine whose data was hidden all these months... and pushed on his own people.. yep..

    86. Alexander Games

      And Britney Spears dad!!!

    87. Chunkboi

      Von Doom is the only physician who will see Putin because he’s that hard to kill. He’s the only one who can tell Putin to keep his cholesterol down and live to tell about it.

    88. Ry Show

      VVD is my most respected doctor

    89. Tach

      No tea?

    90. Make Racists Afraid Again

      I thought he liked taking his shirt off and acting macho on camera. Maybe needles make him woozy.

    91. Ned Grant

      Hopefully it set off Geiger Counters...

    92. Lassmiranda Dennsiewillja

      Strip that Biden, let us laugh!

    93. Jamaal Curry


    94. Tonydamata

      He probably got it months ago. This is all for show, like he is a man-of-the-people and waited until it was his turn. you know that didn't happen

    95. Nack Jicholson

      Donald Trump's speech at CPAC had more views than all of Joe Bidens speeches combined. 31 million views. It's as if Biden isn't the most popular President ever. 😅

      1. Justin Cavinee

        Sure, that's why t-Rump lost the popular vote twice.

      2. cervellone

        You don't seem to be very bright.

    96. Alexandru Zepciuc

      Spot on! 😂

    97. ahloke cafe

      The only joker who promote own country's vaksin but didn't admit he took what type of vaksin. Clearly its not Russia vaksin. What a waste of sputnik v

      1. generalxanos

        @Tauney 2 days ago, I also did not know what of is sputnik being. My motherland parent, she also not did know vas ist los? I found this dark-web utility called GOOGLE. Are you posing as this stupid, or why just admit you're that uneducated?

      2. generalxanos

        Do not invoke Sputnik, how many men, dogs, and chimpanzees died to cement russia's claim of first into space? Gregarin is "Sir first to survive", not first to be fried on a mislaunch. It's typical cold war russia, Col Powers got shot down in his U-2 because russia released a flurry of their biggest SAMS, they spent years trying to shoot down the U2, but finally winged one bird. Just like they kidnapped a B-29 superfortress to become their "Bear" bomber, because they killed all the german scientists who survived hitler's purge but died at russian hands, Stalin started killing engineers, because that's a good idea. Net result, the Bear, a 4-engined counter-rotating propeller turboprop pressurized long range nuke bomber, to compete against the B-52, which ALSO is still flying today when it was designed in 1959 and the US doesn't have a replacement for it. I'd take a B-52g against any variant of the Bear in a heartbeat. We may buy lowest bidder, but we also make sure all the shit is there before we launch.

      3. Tauney

        @Greg Bors lmao 😅

      4. Tauney

        Not the only joker. I do agree. I have no idea what sputnik is. But no he's not worth that..

      5. Greg Bors

        He got vaccine from Moose and Squirrel

    98. Starman Dx

      Well, atleast it wasn't that accursed Richards giving him the vaccine. Another victory for Victor Von Doom!

    99. Elodie Cummins

      Does anyone (who speaks Russian?) know what Putin actually said? I doubt he mentioned a lollipop.

      1. Victor Muraviev

        He was talking about how Hospitals were defending against the epidemic. Vaccines, injections or lollipops weren’t mentioned.

    100. Autumn

      I would be mad too if they forgot my lollipop 😭😭😭