Mississippi defends Sen. Hyde-Smith's "Sunday" excuse

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    After Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) says residents of Mississippi would not vote on Sundays because it's "holy," the state takes advantage of such a great excuse.
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    Clip air date 3/25/2021

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    1. Shane Hughes

      Why do politicians think religious ideas should influence politics. Its disgusting.

    2. DeepIn Thought

      I'm a Christian, and yeah, this is dumb. Just as we don't want government in our churches, we should also want churches out of our government.

    3. Jan Heinbokel

      Sorry Senator, but Saturday is the traditional jewish Sabbath day, Not sunday

    4. Bible Studies-The Truth Will Set You Free!

      New Testament Scripture teaches that there remains a 7th day Sabbath Rest for the people of God in (Hebrews 4:4,9-11)

    5. Bible Studies-The Truth Will Set You Free!

      Therefore the Holy 7th Day Sabbath Rest made by God for us still remains.. And it's not Sunday like the world has been deceived into believing.. God's Holy 7th day is actually from Friday evening to Saturday evening, according to scripture. YHWH God bless you all. Amen. (Hebrews 4:4,9-11)

    6. Bible Studies-The Truth Will Set You Free!

      #7 Brothers in Christ, Christ Prophecied 👉A Sabbath Day👈 for the latter generations of the End Times (After His Ascencion) He said in: (Matthew 24:20) "Pray that your flight may not be in Winter or ON A SABBATH." The point here is that Yeshua prophecied a Sabbath Day even for the times to come after Him, for those living in times after His Ascencion to Heaven.

    7. Bible Studies-The Truth Will Set You Free!

      #5 How do we know that the Jews have the correct Sabbath 7th day of rest According to The Bible: Well because (Nehemiah 13:15-22) speaks of the Sabbath.. and how Nehemiah a man of God, would close the doors of the city Jerusalem as soon as it began to grow dark.. why!? Because the Sabbath begins at evening when the sun goes down.. If you wonder why, its because it all goes way back to Creation week.. and how a day literally started in darkness, that's why we see "it was EVENING and MORNING, the first day".. Notice how evening is mentioned first throughout creation week.. because Darkness came before Morning Light.

      1. Bible Studies-The Truth Will Set You Free!

        Also because if we notice the incident of Christ's death.. We read from the Gospels how they had to bring down the bodies of Christ and the two thieves who died by his sides, because the Sabbath was about to begin @ evening.. So they hurried to bring the bodies down, before the Great Sabbath began at sundown.. And don't forget that our Lord The Christ was a bloodline Jew, born in Bethlehem of Judea.. (Matthew 2:1) Christ would keep the Jewish 7th Day Sabbath, Not in the way the Hipocrite Jews kept it, but yes in the same day.. from Friday evening to Saturday evening according to the 4th Commandment of God.. and so did His discliples-> (Luke 23:56)

    8. Bible Studies-The Truth Will Set You Free!

      #4 God made the Sabbath for mankind, so that His people might have the needed rest and be refreshed, along with everyone within their house (INCLUDING THEIR ANIMALS) 👉Read (Exodus 20:8-11) (Isaiah 56:2-6)(Exodus 31:13-17) (Deuteronomy 5:12-15) (Isaiah 58:13-14) (Exodus 23:12) 12 “Six days you shall do your work, but on the seventh day you shall rest; THAT YOUR OX AND YOUR DONKEY MAY HAVE REST, and the son of your servant woman, AND THE ALIEN (FOREIGNER), may be refreshed. (The Sabbath was made for mankind, not just the Jews. God commanded even the animals to have rest on His Holy Sabbath Rest Day along with the foreigners (non Jews)).

    9. Bible Studies-The Truth Will Set You Free!

      #3 God said in (Leviticus 23:32) 32 It shall be to you a Sabbath of solemn rest, and you shall afflict yourselves. On the ninth day of the month beginning at evening, 👉 FROM EVENING TO EVENING SHALL YOU KEEP YOUR SABBATH.”👈 He was talking here about the Sabbath feast day, which was a copy of the 7th day Sabbath of the week. They were both to be held from EVENING to EVENING.. today known as Friday evening to Saturday evening.. The Jews have always had the correct 7th day Sabbath Rest of God.

    10. Bible Studies-The Truth Will Set You Free!

      #2 The 7th Day Sabbath was made Holy BY GOD, because He rested on day 7 of the week in creation (Genesis 2:1-3)

    11. Bible Studies-The Truth Will Set You Free!

      #1 1st of all the Sabbath is found in (Exodus 20:8-11) not (Exodus 20:18)

    12. dark14life

      I'll believe that they're serious when they start stoning people to death for working on the Sabbath.

    13. Noble Lee

      What about all that football played on Saturday and Sunday??? They aren't playing for free... GOP JOKE

    14. John Huffman

      If we didn't work 60 hours a week and Saturdays (and sometimes Sundays) and a second job maybe we'd have time to do more civic oriented things, but really nothing is sacred anymore, especially our purpose. Election Week, not election Day would be better, no pressure be patient

    15. AciDxBatH FUCKGOOGLE

      How do they know they aren’t suppose to be in church for the full 24h of Sunday. That’s my interpretation of “keeping it holy.” There’s nothing holy about leaving church, or playing golf. GIT UR ASSES BACK IN THER!

    16. jonathan198627

      The Sabbath is on a SATURDAY! Lol, "not" racist.

    17. Rachel Barker

      This is hilarious! She is so religious remembering the sabbath while being a racist bigot. Someone should probably tell her Jesus wasn't white.

    18. David Brown

      And Sunday football is ok under this logic?

    19. Our Hope

      This legislator is well meaning, but there is much more and much more accuracy to be understood. The sabbath of the Old Testament was part of the Mosaic law. The forth commandment, referenced here, was a symbolic law, to remind the Jewish people of God as creator. God rested on the seventh day. Out of gratitude, the Jews were to rest on the seventh day. It was also a reminder of man’s sin against God, causing them to be forced out of The Garden of Eden, paradise lost, to lead the Jews to repentance. When Jesus came, He brought a new covenant. Jesus said that The New Covenant was not one wholly driven by obedience to Mosaic Law and all the laws instituted by Jewish religious leaders, it was based on grace, through faith in God alone. Jesus said that He was Lord of the sabbath. The Jewish system of sacrifice and adherence to the sabbath was no longer required. Christians chose to recognize Sunday as a day to remember the redemption of man through the death and resurrection of Christ. In America, to allow Jews to freely practice their faith, government business was not carried out on Saturday and to allow Christians to freely practice their faith, government business was not carried out on Sunday. America was established under a Judeo - Christian ethic, which many would like to destroy, in their quest to usher in Marxism. The greatest enemy of Marxism is The Church. For further explanation see this link; decameras.info/block/j4yhjZhpfqTfanE/video.html.

    20. Kirsty Miller


    21. Raymond Manso-Tirado

      Uh..the Sabbath is Saturday...

    22. Alf Calzon

      She is nuts!! On Jesus time sunday was a working day. The kristians made sunday holiday to honor the resurrection of Jesus.

    23. Yoel Perez

      Oh my goodness... Sabbath is seventh day which is Saturday in a dictionary, calendar and the Bible. Mark 16:9 shows resurrection day which is Sunday is the 1st day of the week. This is why things are so messed up. Our politicians repeat random stuff that is wrong and they are willing make laws based on it.

    24. Elementalism :D

      It's sunday in just a few days... got to prepare for it you know...

    25. Charles Bartlett

      She thinks Christians wrote the Old Testament and made Sunday the Sabbath? It is so Repugnican to use religion wrongly to justify their contempt and persecution of their fellow man.

    26. elton whitcomb

      Keep your god out of my government

    27. Kiriu Xeosa

      Funny thing is religion is supposed to be seperated from government as you can't impose yours or any other persons religious beliefs on the rest of the country thus challenging that "freedom of religion" law everyone relies on to avoid getting vaccinated. so that you would suspended voting on a sunday because of your religious text should be illegal and is against the separation of church and state as you are using your political position to push your religious agenda

    28. Dominik MJ

      First of all: what was that about dividing government from religion? Didn't we learned something after the French Revolution... And: the 7th day in the Bible is the Sabbath (Saturday). So it is nonetheless bullshit!

    29. Mr. Pavone

      Why does Mississippi have such an odd accent?

    30. Adamant Forge

      Religion, last bastion of a coward

    31. Apocryphal Dude

      How's that whole Not Mistreating The Strangers And Foreigners Among You parts being followed, BTW?

    32. Anonerak

      Since this senator is so religious and since the bible forbids a woman to be in a position of power over men, which as a senator she is, I bet she is going to quit her job any day now.

    33. Tyg Rahof

      Sabbath is Saturday. She's just bitchy because she hasn't had a slave this century or gotten any in two.

    34. Sarah Moss

      The United States has *taxpaying* citizens of over 100 different religions, creeds and practices. GTFO, you Drunk Mabel.

    35. Carolyn Hammond

      All of Mississippi do not agree with you or Roger Wicker because you two have voted against everything that helps Mississippi and You Both need to be impeached!!!!

    36. Bats Man

      Be sure to keep the porn stores open on Sunday.

    37. Deborah Freedman

      Actually, lady, if you read it in the original words, you'd know that Shabbat refers to the seventh day, not the first. That would be Saturday.

    38. Robert Maxwell

      Some religious sabbath is on Saturday, and there's more than one religion practiced in America. Separation of church and state is in our American's constitution.

    39. Johnny Freedom

      Remember the Sabbath, the Sabbath being from Sundown Friday until sundown Saturday! If they want to keep the Sabbath sacred and not vote they should shut down during the actual Sabbath!! The Christian "Souls to the Polls" should go on as scheduled!

    40. Simon Wedege Petersen

      I'm not a bible expert, so I looked up Exodus 20:18: "And all the people saw the thunderings, and the lightnings, and the noise of the trumpet, and the mountain smoking: and when the people saw it, they removed, and stood afar off." Maybe she remembered wrong.

    41. xinthral

      Whatever happened to separation of church and state? You're an elected official, get your dumbass to work when the people need you to work.

    42. Ewen Chan

      Sabbath is on a Saturday, moron. (Exodus is Judaism)

    43. Ewen Chan


    44. Hans Bjorkman

      Is this for real or is it just something from SNL, asking from a non religious country in Europe!

    45. cemerson12

      Sunday isn’t the biblical Sabbath

    46. Bianca Castafiore

      Better not have a heart attack on a sunday, doctor is not in because the sabbath is holy!

    47. James Harris

      Does she see anything in attempting to force her religious beliefs on everyone?

    48. Fred Derf

      The Sabbath is Saturday.

    49. Richard the Great

      As a real Christian, this is so angering and saddening. Those people are no better than the wicked and selfish "church poeple "in Jerusalem whom Jesus called hypocrites!!! How dare they try use God's holy word as a shield and sword in a war AGAINST righteousness!!! History always repeats. May God have mercy on those bigoted, racist-at-worst, prejudiced-at-best, self-righteous, stiff-becjed, generation of vipers, false evangelical pseudo Christians. Woa unto America if we stand idly by and abide this wickedness in high places.

    50. Dave Don

      Christian soldiers fight for Jesus Christ. 😀😀😀😀

    51. Zynobia Cartwright

      She always find a way to make Mississippi look worse than we already do. 🤦🏿‍♀️

    52. Alyssa PC

      Wot. Who cares about the bible? What happened to our first amendment right ‘freedom of religon’? Maybe yr religion says no voting on Sunday but mine doesn’t. Separation of church and state!

    53. some bastard on the internet

      Can anyone tell me why Republicans think voting is 'unholy?'

    54. Daniel Laraway

      Matthew 12:12

    55. Josh Nabours

      The sabbath is on Saturday though...........

    56. Patrick Bateman

      What no football !

    57. David Madison

      Sunday isn’t even the sabbath though!!! 😡😂😡

    58. Laura Brown

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    59. Magruder sanchez

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    60. Fausto Gomes

      I can't really dig what he's saying

    61. Stephen Stoufer

      I guess we've just done away with separation of church and state

    62. Vvienne Lenk

      good thing first responders, police and firefighters and our nurses and doctors and medical techs were working for our country -- glad they didn't take time off for praying. And may I ask, with all those prayers you're tourting -- how do you like the results so far with respect to law & order, gun violence, water pollution, covid numbers, etc.?

    63. KWEEN ME

      HEEELP!!!! Real Talk. I passed history class, but didn't pay attention. Will someone explain the "separation of church and state" part AND why america never separates church and state? ...............................................isn't that illegal?-inquiring mind

    64. Tht1Gy

      Hahahahahahahahahahaha... Too funny!

    65. saxmidiman

      Separation of Church and State?🙄😶😎

    66. michellejean11

      Actually that's unconstitutional but when has that bothered republican religious fanatics and fascist?

    67. Faye Inoue

      religious people are not fit for public office. period.

    68. John S. Greene

      What has four eyes and can't see........ Mississippi.

    69. Hywel Gething

      For a country based on secular religious freedom, certainly harp on about Christian superiority. Separation of church and state seems to have been forgotten. Btw, the Bible says Sabbath is on Saturday, like the Jews do it. March 7th, 321, Roman emperor and pope of the east declared Sunday a day of rest. Ethiopian Christians have the whole weekend. That's the problem with religion, no consistency or truth is flexible under interpretation.

    70. AM7 AM7

      REMEMBER the Sabbath. did you forget that the Sabbath is Saturday. Even Jesus rested on Saturday. Friday was His crucifixion, He rested on Saturday and on the first day of the week was his resurrection.

    71. AnimeShinigami13

      She's like my cat trying to be stealthy... NOT SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE!!!

    72. Rich Gerow

      Misssissippi's new state motto: "What the fuck is separation of church and state?"

    73. mark turner

      Hiding behind god as usual. When have religious people not been full of shit?

    74. Lord Jude

      Sabbath is actually saturday.

    75. Laura Kay

      Clearly not a Seventh Day Adventist....

    76. Marckye N.

      Jesus Christ!!! Why these garbage people keep using the Old Testament? They didn't even meet or know Jesus!!! Why on Earth are you gonna believe them since they didn't have Jesus in their lives?? And Jesus is the Good News!!! We have new laws and teachings! There's a reason why it's called OLD Testament!!! This kind of people, that uses the Bible in their disgusting arguments and bigotries, is gonna burn in hell!!!

    77. Michael Delfine

      No voting on Sunday, but you can get your booze on in Mississippi on Sunday.

    78. Claire Lenihan

      If these racist, evangelical, ‘so-called’ Christians actually read the Bible , especially the gospels, they’d realize that none of the shite they spew out of their mouths is related to Jesus. If Jesus showed up today, they’d lock him in a cage for being too brown, and then they’d hang him on a cross.

    79. Erick McGondi

      She's got the wrong day. The Sabbath has never been Sunday, the first day of the week. The Sabbath is on Saturday.

    80. Mikie C

      Cindy Smith, no amount of pendants will ever make up for all the Covid deaths you & your fellow Republicans are responsible for.

    81. Friedrich Hartmann

      Plus, Church is essentially delusion, make belief, and my existentence in the state is pretty 24/7

    82. Beck V

      But did she say anything against killing a cop during an insurrection on January 20th? I think that's also in the Bible.

    83. Robert Dillon

      I'm not a bible scholar so I have to ask... under what circumstances does the bible say I am required to sell my daughter into slavery?

    84. Suzan Douglass

      It's actually Saturday, but okay, I'll play. Can't use guns on Sunday either, how's that? Same bible says you shouldn't do any work, not even cooking or cleaning or fighting...

    85. J Silverstein

      Insanity. I guess our representatives forgot the whole separation of church and state. Hmmm. And is her excuse for racism.

    86. Rhea P

      Sounds like an establishment of a religion problem to me. If you don't want to vote on Sunday because you think it conflicts with your religion, don't vote on Sunday...

    87. Bubber Cakes

      Sabbath is actually on Saturday. However, as a government official you are supposed to keep a separation between church and state matters so your Sabbath day excuse is no excuse. Now they’re using the bible to defend their bigotry and racism just like they did during the civil war.

    88. Kelleren

      *sigh* and yet the Christians are the ones whining about "bEiNg oPpReSsEd!!!"

    89. Teresa S

      Toning out the news is great. I always enjoy the jokes.

    90. corujariousa

      When did we become a extreme religious nation where the book of only one of the practiced religions dictate governmental policy? This is what the Taliban has been fighting for.

    91. Olive O'Sudden

      It's is LITERALLY a violation of the U.S. Constitution for the government to designate any day as 'holy'. Of course, the problem here is that federal elections aren't controlled by the federal government, and individual states can get away with all manner of rat-fucking since Roberts gutted the Voting Rights Act.


      Walmart open Sunday. Good. Amazon. Sunday. Good too. Football. Sunday. Real good. MacDonald. Every Sunday. Voting. Sunday. Nope.

    93. Lloyd Dehn

      Hey, what about 'loving your neighbor as oneself'?

    94. Michele Curlee

      Don’t speak for all Mississippians! They’re not all biblically illiterate, like you! Too bad we can’t see to it that she, hence forth has to live by Old Testament strictures...by that measure, she and most all of us are, living, breathing abominations! Besides...she clearly has no understanding of the historical context and calendar designations.

    95. Barnabus Korrum

      Church and State?

    96. Bats Man

      You can't vote on Sunday, but, you can go to the PORN STORE. That won't offend God

    97. W.S. Soap Company

      Is she saying that, 'voting is a sin'?

    98. Thomas Estes

      Umm... In the Constitution it says that Congress and the states "shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion." So... Thanks for providing another grounds for appeal.

    99. David Eldridge

      You cannot change Gods Word! The biblical Sabbath has always been the 7th day of the week not the Papal "Sunday"

    100. David Eldridge

      Incredible..arguing about a false Sabbath and attempting to establish religion. Keep Gods Holy 7th say Sabbath not the Papal "Sunday". And don't make law pertaining to religion.