Late Show First Drafts: Happy Easter 2021

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    The amazing Evie Colbert joins Stephen for a special Easter edition of everyone's favorite greeting card-themed segment. #Colbert #HappyEaster #FirstDrafts
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    1. Case

      We all love Evie


      Note to self... Don't let Evie & Steve look after my rabbit...

    3. Deby Cedars

      I love her outfit!

    4. Cristin Vaughan

      More Evie! I hope she makes regular appearances once they go back to studio audiences.

    5. Seidenschnabel Federflügel

      I think Stephen is really sexy. 😅 And i feel safe and okay when i watch his Interviews. Like everything is gonna be okay. And sorry for saying he is sexy, when his wife is on. But i hope she dont mind. 🙈 Omg this Rabbit story. Hahaha. 😅🙈🙈

    6. Iddy

      She is so beautiful. I love her.

    7. Humansofearth

      Colbert is 100% commie. mask up slaves!

    8. Annalise Vezina

      The poor rabbit!!

    9. DevonIyAH Tment

      We being evie.. love it.. her laugh gets me every time.. oh yeah the guys is ok too. I miss John..

    10. Lily Jade

      please do a segment asking People to send in videos of Joe Biden, Fix This Bridge from their home town

    11. Indy P. L.

      Evie makes these sooo much for fun😁

    12. Cire Dorf

      8.44 million subscribers?There's that many pedophiles in America?I wouldn't doubt that 99.999% of liberal demonrats are pedophiles anyway.

    13. Fourth

      Where the videos at? :/

    14. Self Destruct

      This show is all about Stephen's white privilege. Keep watching to support his selfish agenda.

    15. An AC-130 with internet access

      Stephen Stephen Stephen Stephen

    16. A.N.S

      Such a delight

    17. A.N.S

      Evie is the best guest Stephen's ever had. Please bring her back

    18. Bartosz Kaczan

      There is one right way back home, only one Name to get saved- Jesus. He is the real (Word of) God, there is only one Spirit of the everlasting love- it is Christ, who loves unconditionally . Everybody can meet Him and understand, how He really is. He tells the truth directly to everyone, who is searching for Him from the bottom of the heart. Jesus Christ is so much different than they wrote and talk about Him in this world. He is so much better than the people think. There is no other God's Name, no other Spirit, nobody who can tell the truth about Him- I mean everyone who hasn' t met Him or doesn't hear His voice. When somebody talks about things, which were written, he becomes a witness of a scripture, not of Jesus Christ. This world is not His Kingdom, that's why it is full of lies, which the people called "truth". Call His holy Name, He always answers when all we want is Him and His truth.. If you belive in Jesus Christ, let somebody babtise you in His Name... Ask honest and let the Holy Spirit fill you and you can listen to the Word of GOD in your heart. . GOD will let you know that you are saved and born again. And then..... Will you be searching for Him somewhere else or by someone else, when He will live inside of you? The bible is not the true Word of God, there are two different gospels of this book- about the "lord" of this world (flesh) and the second one about Jesus Christ, The Revealed God, who became a human to save us.. We can be (spirituallly) born again now as the children of the only true Father (The Holy Ghost). If you (still) want to read this book, please remember- always ask the Holy Spirit to lead you, even when you see things written about Jesus. Jesus Christ= (Word of) God= Kingdom of God= Truth= Grace= True Love= Holy Ghost= Birth of the Spirit= Eternal life. Satan= lord of this earth= material world and its system= money= religion= conditional love= flesh/ human (666)= death............

    19. Zk Sharpe

      Keep Evie in the show, please. She laughs at him as much as I do

    20. SurleyBlaine

      Johnny had Ed, Jimmy has Guillermo, I think Evie needs to have a permanent seat on the show.

    21. Jose Orellana

      You guys are a nice couple

    22. Alison Madden

      Good point Evy - we gave up everything

    23. Brittany

      Evie is my favourite

    24. neohumanity

      Isaac Kappy

    25. Sarah Viola

      i love evie

    26. Ricardo Neves

      So wonderful, Stephen is really lucky.

    27. Bonnie Spruin

      Yay! We love Evie! 💖

    28. YoMoms DM'dMe

      If only the rabbit could talk so Netflix can give him a documentary of him telling us about his 3 day story, title " 3 days of hell on the rabbit trail to home"

    29. Fox Mind

      The husband and wife moments are still my favorite parts of the show

    30. John Mahlmann

      A little lighter on the Christianity....

    31. Yolanda Villegas

      As a former Hallmark cards employee, I laughed a little too hard 😂. More Evie episodes please - they are the cutest!

    32. Whitney ONeal

      Ditch the audience and keep Evie as his sidekick

    33. Erica Cartman

      I want to buy those cards!

    34. Memo Pony

      These kind of segments are my favorite. XD

    35. ZeldaLuffy

      i have not laughed this hard in a LONG time.

    36. media account

      The diligent division nearly tour because eggplant parenthetically program as a beautiful smash. soggy, obsolete mailbox

    37. Nicki Caldwell

      Evie is Queen!! Thank you both for showing us how to survive this last year.

    38. Avery W

      What does Stephen say to Evie at 3:05?? I cannot figure out what he’s saying lol

    39. Roshni Patel

      When they go back to the regular studio, Evie needs to be his co-host!!

    40. Dannik D

      We need netflix to do a mini series of Stephen and Evie at home, they seem so delightful and adorable!

    41. Cindygr8ce

      I love watching the two of them they give me the same feeling as Barrack and Michelle Obama but u no a lot more pasty

    42. David Alvarado

      Is it just me, or did Stephen sound a little somber (nothwithstanding the 'unlucky rabbit's paw' story)?

    43. deprofundis

      Love their relationship! It's funny and a bit sad how people think they can attract the right person while at the same time disrespecting people's intrinsic value by watching porn, etc. Devotion like this starts with seeing people as a whole, not as objects. The resulting fulfilling relationship when you have ALL of yourself to give (ie, not tied to objectification) - that truly is what makes any of us happy, on either side, in a relationship. I've seen it so many times.

    44. Carolyn Todd

      T here 2 r a kick😊❤️

    45. Topaz Chrysanthemum

      Colbert is never allowed to do these without her. They're too adorable together.

    46. Tom Scott

      Ok, I'll pile on. When the regular audience comes back... WE WANT EVIE! Between her infectious laugh and those expressions incapable of lying, more of that please.

    47. Natasha Mariano

      Lmao I love this, Evie is hilarious ❤️

    48. jose giron

      Is it possible to be in love with someone's else love cuz if it is I'm in love with Colbert and evie's love

    49. jb111082

      Stephen really hit the jackpot with Evie! And the good news is.......he fucking knows it!

    50. Sam Ba

      I just had a too close for comfort encounter with 50+ hawks today while on a walk with my dogs. It was terrifying, the sky was clear, then suddenly filled with hawks, some flying way high, and a few so close i could see their eyes on us. We rushed back into the car, dont think we'll be adventuring in that neighborhood anymore.

    51. Sam Ba

      I love Emmys top! At first glance, i thought the design was Ariel haha still has a strong little mermaid vibe

    52. bxxx9

      Why do religious wholesome couples usually look alike?

    53. Janie Jones

      What a beautiful marriage they have. It makes me feel wistful. Happy Easter everyone! ✝️💕and 🌷🐇🐣🥚❗️

    54. JenDeyan

      I think Evie should be a permanent part of the cast. She's delightful. It's always a pleasure seeing her.

    55. JoAnn Carpenter

      I love to see Evie, please bring her back going forward!

    56. leticia garcia

      That's right Evie 🤣😅😅 We ladies give up nothing.

    57. Never2yield

      When I was young, my Mom put out a vase of Hershey Kisses for a holiday. And we came home one day, and the dog had tipped the vase over and eaten all the Hershey Kisses, foil and all. Dog didn't get sick or anything. I have been putting out bird seed, and the doves and quail show up regularly. A few months back a hawk started watching the backyard, and I soon saw him/her eating a few of the birds. It was like something right out of a nature documentary. I don't put the seed out as often, and I haven't seen the hawk recently.

    58. ishtar0077

      I like this show better when he was at home 🏡

    59. TC Parker

      Can Evie be hired on as your onstage buddy? You literally crack her up so much which is fun to watch, but she's also funny and obviously very smart. Would love to have her on in a more permanent role. Fallon has Steve Higgins, Kimmel has Guillermo Rodriguez, O'Brian has Richter; please give us Colbert with Evie McGee-Colbert!

    60. remy lewis

      Please more Evie content, your relationship is so wholesome and she’s such a good sport.

    61. Maxwell

      I'm going to eat that fucking bunny.

    62. Michael vs lucifer

      ...and with you PROVING to be such a kind, loyal, and loving man stephen, you passed the test for being the sort of soul to lead in this battle on behalf of humanity🍀

    63. Samwise Gamgee

      This is Rabbit. I is not dead

    64. Michael vs lucifer

      ...OK TIMES'S UP ON MY entertainment, time for me to seek my fun interacting with reality instead===the republican/conservative DEVILS are making my life dull...the outcry for justice from their cruelty and abuse, and the imprisioment of the children of the world has reached my ear loud and CLEAR, and most of all, the cries for BLACK justice; and to stop the hate and prejudices has been heard, and I am exhausted from listening to it...MICHAEL my arch angel and my HOST ARMY of heavenly sons, as well, has a beef with the devil's invention they called jesus, along with the invention of the devil's religions in which they have enslaved the children of humanity===there are many issues laid upon my table that have reached full brew...TIME FOR ME TO COME TO above so below-my angelic sons cast SATAN out of my heavens to the earth where he has wreaked his havoc for the time permitted-his second and final casting along with HIS seed to their FOREVER HOME is now at hand👌☄

    65. John Smith

      Based on Evie's reaction to these cornball "dad jokes", Stephen could have been a LOT less funny and they'd still be just fine...

    66. André Mimoun

      You’re a beautiful couple

    67. God of the Bible Speaks

      Loved the bunny resurrection story, and when Stephen asks, “Has the story gotten too dark at this point?” 😂😂

    68. Laura Brown

      In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

    69. KhasAdun

      Woah, if Evie became a co-host like Andy Richter...

    70. michelesw1

      this skit gives me such joy

    71. Dori Berge

      I love her laugh! I'm laugh harder when I hear her laugh off stage...!

    72. Rut Vargas

      yessss... she lightens up my dayyy.. love Evie!!

    73. Maurice Mitchell

      Way to go throwing Evie under the bus with that bunny story...and yes it was a bit dark!!!😂

    74. Vincent König

      Whats your favorit thing about easter? Jesus has risen. Never heard such a hilarious joke. easter would actually be quite nice, without the whole bible shit and kathols perverted stupidity

    75. RKhanRocks

      Evie is so pretty, too good for you Stephen!

    76. Tara Colella

      with peace and love evie shirt is jusst not the tits

    77. SmoothFlying

      what is with the huge bone-r on your desk?

    78. Thirst Fast

      Dude, if you ever get a chance, watch the movie "Rabbit Proof Fence".

    79. Emma Walton

      I thought of how the bunny got back in that pen. The bird saw that the bunny missed Evie so much, he showed compassion and brought him back. Evie is a pleasure to have around. She so elegant.

    80. notinmanitou

      Definitely make Evie a permanent member of the cast!!! We have really enjoyed the shows done during the last year at your home and in the office at the studio. So much more intimate than the studio audience! It feels like you are really talking one on one to us at home. We've also really enjoyed the interviews done by video. For some reason they seem more real. Maybe it's because neither of you is "playing" to an audience? I hope you can keep some of the more intimate feeling parts of the show when (if) you get back to doing the show in front of an audience. Just a note for your sponsors...we have missed fewer shows since this all began.

    81. L. M. B.

      What a wife ..! You lucky !!! Have a wonderful Easter! Both of you!

    82. Mark Dowse

      @ 0:57 "... Here I am AGAIN ..." Spoken with a slight sense of dread? 😨 Be nice to the very lovely lady, Mr Colbert. 🥰

    83. Janae Nae13

      I feel like you should have given your rabbit their own little garden!

    84. Janae Nae13


    85. Janae Nae13


    86. Janae Nae13


    87. Amanda Herrmann

      "We gave up hugs, we gave up kisses, we gave up everything, I didn't need to give up anything else!" PREACH it Evie!!

    88. Linda N

      Evie is so right; we have definitely given up enough this past year! I love watching and listening to the two of them. The way they talk to each other and look at each other is just beautiful. 😊

    89. Trevin Hughes

      What a great story! I wish late night shows were always this candid.

    90. K McKissick

      the rabbit returned?!? now that's a easter miracle

    91. Laurie Waller Benson

      I am going to work on copying Evie's is so fabulous!

    92. Lex Slate

      I became an atheist because I gave up religion one year for Lent and got stuck.

    93. TheAnonymous One

      Imagine being married to this guy and the pressure to laugh at everything, everyday. Ugh.

    94. Get Schwifty

      I know Stephen picks a random woman raising her hand as a volunteer to do the first draft cards pre-COVID but I think we need to make Evie a permanent role for these segments. It's no wonder why they have been married for so long. The chemistry and love is still so obviously there as strong as ever during COVID.

    95. Jasberry3

      I Love Evie. I Love Stephen. I Love Stephen and Evie together. 💕

    96. Dermatillomaniac

      I agree with Evie, it's a year into a pandemic...we all gave up a lot!

    97. Michelle Fu

      Even after we get back to a live studio audience, I insist on only Evie as the volunteer for First Drafts forever! (BTW, my nickname is Shelly, so I love that 2nd card!)

    98. james eaton

      4 years the Dems cried about the election 2016 they soiled their diapers

    99. Sherry Hesner


    100. Alec tributes to brilliant music artists & else

      Permanent member of the cast: YES !!!