"This Is Not Going Away" - Ronan Farrow On How Conspiracies Fueled An Insurrection

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    Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and author, Ronan Farrow, talks about his extensive coverage of the January 6th insurrection and how conservative media has played a large part in radicalizing American citizens. #Colbert #TheNewYorker #RonanFarrow
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    1. Daniel Miller

      Feliz Navidad en Abril esteeeeeeeeven 🇪🇸

    2. Daniel Miller


    3. Daniel Miller

      Timmy carr

    4. Tabo Beeran

      Those Sinatra genes are a cocktail of raw brilliance and good looks.

    5. Kathryn McGee

      Is anyone else distracted by Ronin Farrow and his beautiful face?

    6. Kayla Brown

      What did he do to his face ?

    7. Lee Becker

      Get rid of Cuomo just empty talk no action

    8. MiTmite9

      3:24. I love Ronan for so many reasons, not the least of which is his terrific facility with the English language and knowledge of proper grammar: his use of "that said" and NOT "that being said."

    9. Maggie Shreve

      Ronan, you SHOULD get hazard pay! Stephen and Ronan ROCK 😃

    10. Marsha Smith

      There is not one allele of Woody Allen's DNA in that child! If anything, he is very smooth and polished like Frank Sinatra. (I do realize that Frank Sinatra was not always smooth and polished but had that overall image). I remember a previous appearance on Colbert's show (before the quarantine), just before they broke for a commercial, they showed him standing backstage waiting to go on. He was just standing there, wearing a nice suit but no tie, just leaning against the wall with his feet crossed. He smiled at the camera. He just oozed cool and grace!!

    11. SherriSLC

      Gawd, that man is handsome.

    12. Frank Maitland

      When will he admit he's Sinatra's Son

    13. janette butler

      My God I can’t get past how handsome this kid is!!❤️ There is no way Woody Allen is the father of this man🙄

    14. Chi Eg

      Thank god for journalists like Ronan Farrow. Too many media outlets report outrageous lies, misinformation, anti-science and conspiracy theories as "the other side to the argument," giving validity to dangerous ideologies.

    15. Tony Smith

      I'm experiencing symptoms from my Schizophrenia & am doing everything I can to exacerbate these symptoms! I should be celebrated for being brave & for being Me right!

    16. Konstanze Faust

      The wallpaper!

    17. Stephanie Kolb

      For all those who get sucked into conspiracies ... this is the man who put his life on the line to take Harvey Weinstein down. His podcast was excellent and he is a reporter I truly trust. It’s not all fake news; there ARE good reporters and those who want to do good. Ronan is one.

      1. J. Gaulke

        Should we give him an award? He began his illustrious virtuous bs by taking down his own father. That breaks a commandment with promise. You still have time to fix that Ronan.

    18. Tony Smith

      Here's a non conspiracy! Do we encourage & celebrate those who suffer from Schizophrenia? Do we encourage them to attempt to increase its Symptoms & then celebrate this as being Brave? Why or why not?

      1. J. Gaulke

        @Tony Smith Ronan's Father is an Almond blossom from an old branch that still blooms but Ronan is a goat and does not bloom. How sad. Among all things in this world, this genetic Hebrew is a Goat to wander into a terrible unsustainable wilderness by his own rebellion. He made his choice long ago and so did his Dad. RONAN CHOSE POORLY.

      2. Tony Smith

        @J. Gaulke Go away your infected with the new Virus sweeping earth it's called WOKENESS & is infecting the most mentally deficient humans!

      3. J. Gaulke

        @Tony Smith is that Ronan darling? Trolling your narcissistic coverage?

      4. Tony Smith

        @J. Gaulke Why even bother writing anything?

      5. J. Gaulke

        Ask the expert: pretty boy Ronan

    19. The Internaut

      No no Alex jones is mainstream my friend, the ACTUAL alt right is far far far more dangerous and malicious than radio talk shows

      1. Tony Smith

        There's a new virus sweeping earth & it's called WOKE! It only infects the most mentally deficient people!

    20. Canoe Girl

      What a sad nation America has become. SO many lost souls, with nothing else to do but destroy their own country.

    21. urciell

      Ronan Farrow - thank you!!! We need more good people like you in this world ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. J. Gaulke

        Like an animal in a severe wilderness like in Arabia. Look for the verse in Isaiah.

      2. J. Gaulke

        And likely he will remain here. And perish.

    22. Caroline

      Just came from Lovett or Leave It, love that they have a designated streaming spot.

    23. Ollie Sarap

      Stephen ... Stephen ... Stephen ... c'mon ... 'We are lucky to live in the United States' ... ?! Uh oh, I'm triggered! You CANNOT be serious ... (you otherwise intelligent and entertaining talking head of TV)!! The United States of America is a seething mess! Toxic politics, lies as truth, sex scandals, Park Avenue grifters, no minimum wage, lawyers EVERYWHERE! Murdoch media!!! Guns, shootings, NRA apologists, racist police, huge numbers incarcerated, Covid crazies, Massive Covid deaths, Capitol riots, Trumpists, (the Trump family ... just vile), shonky pardons (Roger Stone for goodness sake), children suffering at the border, crumbling infrastructure, massive unemployment, unaffordable housing, homelessness, drug pandemics, public schools in crisis, water crisis, Crappy and mostly unaffordable healthcare, Trillions of dollars of government debt ... but...Tax breaks/loopholes for corporations and the fortunate few ... etc, etc, etc ... Oh, and lest we forget ... the utter BS in the ongoing celebrity circus ... eg. The Kardashians. Bruce/Caitlyn .. kinda gettin' away with manslaughter ... driving with undue care. (Like Tiger). All best described as a collective of absolute douche-bags! Then there are the astonishingly ungrateful and cringeworthy Murky Meg and Harry the Hat ... 'calling the cops' every time an alarm activates. Gayle and Oprah losing their minds (that WAS NOT an interview)!! Odious. Arghhhh! 'Lucky to live in the United States' ... ?! INDEED!!! By the way ... I have read both of Ronan Farrow's books. And I (usually) like your show very much. Best regards.

    24. Guy At Play

      I need some help.. we need to move the conversation from yes they've gone down a rabbit hole and drank the kool aid... to how we can help our family members have that come to Jesus moment and turn around from that rabbit hole and Kool Aid to see reality.

    25. Arden McConnell

      TRUMP IS THE JIM JONES OF POLITICS -- ON STEROIDS. Jones provided Kool-aid and lost over 900. Trump spewed Kool-Aid letting over 550,000 die, and leaving over 70 Million gullible brain dead.

    26. Thelma Saunders

      Ronan, and, btw Stephen Colbert, you are champions of truth. Sincerely appreciate what you are doing.

    27. fromchomleystreet

      Fake bookshelf wallpaper is a really weird choice to make.

    28. Maverick Muscle

      What i love most about Ronan is his sense of humor. He's hilarious and really silly! I think that gets lost in the face of his intellect and good looks, but he makes me laugh out loud on the regular 😆

    29. jc

      I am embarrassed even before I hit comment but I am logging a most politically incorrect note here which is to say I cannot truly concentrate on Mr. Farrow's eloquent and impactful reporting as the dazzling Newman eyes are melting my brain cells and - for the record - I am LGBQT. More B, but still. Don't you dare tell me this is WA's son. Holy Lord, he is too lovely. And, yes, "What he said" (about the crazy Q's). OMG. Those eyes.

    30. s w

      Ronan looks like the Ken doll

    31. Jonathan Deutsch

      This is cute.

    32. TheMcgojoh

      Just too bad he had to aid and abet Mia in her vendetta against Woody.

    33. william hornabrook

      Thank goodness authors are still a thing.

    34. 9razzler9

      rush limbo? lol

    35. Gorsh

      As a leftist I'm glad that the word "deplatform" has reach the mainstream. A few years ago this same style of shows would have been against "censorship" of even the most disgusting fascists. Now, even if it's late, we see the need that some messages of hate don't need to be respected at all.

    36. Janet McGee

      I thought that phrenology went out of fashion with the ending of the nineteenth century.

    37. M P

      It’s enough to stare Ronan in the eyes while he looks in his Zoom camera...😛...then, oh my gah....he opens his handsome mouth and speaks with such intelligence and integrity that you really, really, wish you were a gay man.🥰

    38. Adams Newman

      I adore this man.

    39. Jirra Macce

      The exotic museum karunagappally seal because partridge positionally manage under a right hell. permissible, horrible aquarius

    40. Pine Cone

      Didn't realize Stephen was having a Lothlorien elf on.

    41. Jirra Macce

      The fretful digestion subcellularly wonder because fang monthly annoy underneath a phobic factory. decisive, annoyed penalty

    42. Shivranjani Singh

      Love Ronan and his books and all that... but CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW CUTE STEPHEN IS IN A PINK SHIRT!!!

    43. Toughnut

      Is Ronan transitioning to Gwyneth Paltrow?

    44. najaca

      Still convinced Frank Sinatra is his dad.

    45. Fremont Pathfinder

      We're still in a large amount of danger. Fascism can re emerge.

    46. Janina Carter

      Ronan was a child prodigy skipping High School for College at age 11 graduating at age 15.

    47. Terry O'Dowd

      He was good back when he was in the band Hanson.

    48. Footwork

      Ronan is a slimeball. Don't let the glossy image fool you.

    49. Loran Doane

      I love me some Ronan Farrow reporting. A fresh breath of journalism.

    50. Richard Williamson

      As palatable as it is to think that Ronan Farrow's father might be Frank Sinatra he is really the spitting image of Mia Farrow and his incredible intelligence and insight is more likely to have been inherited from Woody Allen who despite being a horrible person is very smart.

    51. Coco_the_geeky_yogi

      Farrow stares into the camera like he’s trying to hypnotize me.

    52. Pamela Homeyer

      Bill Clinton is horrible oversexed man, Trump is likewise very guilty updating underage young ladies and not caring about people like Jeffrey Epstein

    53. Pamela Homeyer

      I'm afraid the governor is guilty and it is sickening to find this. We know it is rampant in many areas including politics but it really hurts when you see someone who does have promised but they self destruct with this kind of behavior

    54. Michael Bremseth

      Who is Ronan Farrow and why should I listen to him?

    55. AthgowlA

      The crazy part about these far right lemmings in the US is they have followers in Europe. These nitwits blame the sane people in Europe for being sheep. In the meantime they go and protest against corona measurements, shouting 'stop the steal'. That has litteraly no meaning in Europa (we understand English, but there was no steal or occasion to think that), so they prove to just copy whatever they read on the internet and take to the streets with it. Like sheep...

    56. Henry Gvidonas

      He lives in a "country with great law enforcement"? Did he move out of the US?

    57. AthgowlA

      So donovan crowl and the oathkeepers helped organising the insurrection, but still they blame antifa for staging the insurrection? Yeah, that kind of psychiatric twisted nonsense sounds exactly like the fans of cadet bone spurs and the way they talk.

    58. Flying Cloud

      Frightening how many sad, broken, narcissistic, mentally challenged, reptilian brained people live in a country where these traits are not highly valued.

    59. Jennifer Anderson

      Stephen looks so confused.

    60. Renee Brutvan

      Ronan Farrow... Sinatra. I mean, c'mon.

    61. J. Gaulke

      RONAN: camped out on the porch of opportunity like another author long ago : Virgil.

    62. w5winston

      Did he mispronounced "Limbaugh" on purpose? Ha!

    63. DestroyEraseImprove ;

      What about the conspiracy theory that black people are oppressed being spread, that lead to groups like ANTIFA and BLM murdering people, burning buildings down and looting for 4+ years? It's funny how the left accuse their opposition of the exact thing they're doing because they control the media and can convince the mindless masses of whatever they want. I mean you stole the election, wrote a detailed article of how you did it, and the mindless masses still think it's a lie just because you repeat it enough times. Talking about the Capitol still yet not mentioning the 4+ years of political violence that was encouraged, endorsed and praised by the entire left wing establishment. What BLM and ANTIFA did is way worse yet you hypocrites don't care.

    64. Sandra Weber

      Ronan do investigating reporting about Fox News. They were very involved and still are in stoking anger.

    65. Iain MacLennan

      I'm not sure 'notoriety' is the right word for the guy whose job is exposing assholes. 😁

    66. Greystorm1619

      God whenever Ronan speaks I hang off of every word. He delivers information in a detailed yet approachable way that really makes me want to dig into these topics more.

    67. TheCalvin

      Ever time I watch a Ronan interview, I have to look up at least one word. This time it was phrenology.

    68. II nosferatu II

      For people who don't know, Ronan Farrow is Frank Sinatras son.

      1. Jimmie Dimmick

        Woody Allen’s son

    69. II nosferatu II

      Steven Colbert, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Myers, Jimmy Fallon, John Oliver, The View, ESPN. It's all leftwing propaganda. They all spread objectively verifiable mis information to their fans. Jay Leno, David Letterman, and even Conan never did it.

    70. Rosa G

      Ronan is an amazing investigative journalist and writer. Catch and Kill is one of the greatest books I've read. He sent Weinstein to jail, but he couldn't add anything to Mia and her sister's Dylan allegations against Allen. I think he and Dylan are victims in this story of betrayal and jealousy.

    71. David Kerley

      It's important to note that this week Gallup released a poll which found that nearly half (49%) of Americans identify as Democrats or independents leaning toward Democrats, while a combined 40% are Republican or GOP-leaning. So there's that.

    72. priscilla buchalla

      Ummmm-is Ronan the most beautiful human on this damn planet?? Forget that he's WICKED smart...

    73. Joseph Maddox

      My 85 year old father believes and broadcasts EVERY lie told by the GOP, Fox, OA Online, etc. He is mainlining the cool aid and it has destroyed our relationship. This is a BIG problem in America.

    74. Imagem

      Ronan is a beautiful human being. He looks like hisom but I think has Frank's eyes, especially in their expression. Besides being beautiful he seems like a really well rounded, grounded, genuinely nice person. I love this guy. His mom must be so proud of him. She taught him well.

    75. YouTube Moderator

      Meanwhile the actual insurrection and invasion at the border is raging. Wonder what else that fool Biden will incite?

    76. Jae Lynn

      Ok wait. "Rush (sic) Limbo?" If he doesn't know how to pronounce the deceased douche's name, then maybe he isn't as smart as he comes off. I seriously could be on any late night show and talk about any topic! Not claiming to know everything, but I know a mod amount about most things.

    77. Jae Lynn

      Seems like a decent man, and I can't deny he's smart and hot. A very rare combo. I just hope he's happy and not doing what he does b/c he feels he has to make up for the "sins of his father." Not that I really care to be honest and it's not his doing. I just know the hell I've been through in life. Constant harassment then tossed aside. Effing men.

    78. Jae Lynn

      It's clear as day to me that Trump had his people stand down and didn't provide security for Jan 6th! Why else would he clear out top positions at DHS the weeks before?! That's what I remember, but don't quote me on that. It clearly was allowed to happen by Trump admin!

    79. Jae Lynn

      Hey! Ronan. Investigate my landlord. Cuz I did some digging and they use a TN portal to pay rents. Own by some crypto guy in UK, ties to WA state, Latvia and Czech Rep. What the HELL?!? How do so many states and countries have a hand in my rental agency?

    80. C Lasagna

      I am glad to see a real genuine reporter that is wanting to do good and inform others without obvious personal gain. He is actually trying to get the real story with no spin and I can appreciate that, compared to paparazzi and certain news networks that shower their bias over others.

    81. Jae Lynn

      I commend what he represents, but I hope he's not living his life for his father's wrongdoings!

    82. Jae Lynn

      I wonder how many women of older generations Ronan has interviewed. Seems kinda weird that he's the authority on this matter just cuz of who his father is. It's all connections, this country! "Scamerica" is where we live. Rental bubble next to pop.

    83. Dja Aliprandi

      looks a lot like frrank sinatra, nothing like woody allen

    84. Chris Kelly

      Terrifying. That so many U.S citizens have gone completely down the rabbit hole of right wing propoganda and lunacy is depressing and horrifying.

    85. This Guy

      Is it just me or does Ronan look like they're about to announce a Bruce Jenner?

    86. Nick D

      This is not going away? Check out the recent Guardian article to the tune of som'n like Best way for Biden to dispel far right extremism is to support unions & unionization. Then reflect on his stated plans to support unions. Urge him on, plz.

    87. Laughing Clowns

      Alex Jones is a mini, more offensive version of DJT and has plenty of conned victims buying his"dirty merch" for thousands while sprouting Q-nonsense that Hillary & Obama smell of sulfur. Wow. Even his wife finds him unbearable but these post-nazi Trumpettes "love it"...why can't they get "a life"???? Why can't they gave their money to someone who needs it unlike DJT and Jones?

    88. Hermione Granger

      oh damn, as a Pakistani, tht comment lowkey hurt 😅

    89. Jason Van

      The enchanted red randomly trap because flood revealingly sin qua a satisfying ox. lazy, mute nest

    90. A dorable

      Lucky???? to live in a country of guns, regular mass shootings and radical voter suppression? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 OK 🤷‍♀️

      1. A dorable

        @Blue Toile ....but it's not one of the safer ones. Unfortunately it falls into the unsafe category 🙁

    91. patti m


    92. Sandman Winks

      Ronan Farrow: "We can talk about anything BUT NOT MY SISTER OR WOODY." (Which is the only thing we really want to hear about)

    93. Lynn Pearson

      💟Courageous Ronan💟

    94. me

      Kinda boring... we needed clips of him there... My first thumbs down on Stephen :( 5 min done too boring...

    95. rickyvvvvv

      yuck, Ronan. Golden child of narcissist child abuser Mia Farrow. Why does this white man's words matter more than his Asian siblings?

    96. Reg Ciof

      Frank would be really proud of his kid.

    97. Amy Lucas

      They didn’t come to Jesus..... they brought him with them. LoL Are you kidding me..... all the Christian symbolism & even breaking out in prayer on the floor of the senate, in the name of Jesus Christ.

    98. Mary Ann M

      Many of them have family that are concerned for how fast they fell into the Rabbit hole.

    99. Rhonda Weber

      Ronan Farrow is a gem.

    100. Alfonso Ramírez

      Ronan is not being rude by crossing his arms, that’s a reporter thing.