Brandi Carlile Treats Stephen To A Little Of Joni Mitchell's "A Case Of You"

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    Brandi Carlile plays a little Joni Mitchell for Stephen, and hints that he may soon get to see her play Mitchell's legendary "Blue" album in concert. Learn about Brandi's remarkable life and career in her new memoir, "Broken Horses." #Colbert #JoniMitchell #BrandiCarlile
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    1. PIMI AnimaVDO

      ok. I just picked up my jaw from the floor... now adding her name to my music back. Nice voice. Very Nice Indeed!

    2. Rain9Quinn


    3. SupaSoul Productions

      I love that she has the Joni vibrato!! So lovely!

    4. michelesnyder1

      Several years ago I got the pleasure of hearing Brandi sing this live in concert in Bend, OR. It’s one of my favorite songs of all time and hearing her sing it takes my breath away every single time. What a gift.

    5. Nicholas Bogosian

      When I hear this song I hear the beauty of being inside your own skin in life.

    6. Lillian Henegar

      Evidently, I'm not the only person sobbing. The power of beautiful music. Joni is a musician's musician and to hear Brandi sing her music - man o man!

    7. Joe Michaud

      Truly one of my favorite artists. The range and raw passion she brings to her songs have me addicted.

    8. Rebecca Dolashewich


    9. Amy Elizabeth

      Simply exquisite.

    10. Steve Janowiak

      Biden sniffs kids!🤮

    11. T Laff

      Absolutely stunning, covered in goose bumps listening to her sing, so beautifully, Joni's timeless song. Thank you, Miss Carlile ❤️❤️❤️

    12. blackeyedlily

      A adore the Blue album.

    13. MoJaKh

      As a Pakistani that remark by Ronan about getting killed the next morning kinda ticked me the wrong way (cus yes efd up shit happens still in pak. however no its not that. its other assholes there) but dammit Brandi's interview, her amazing personality and that bit she did just melted my heart!! what a human being! I'm in love with this woman and her music..

    14. Red Shield

      Beautiful 😢

    15. Fluff, Crunch & Mini

      Sweet lord. Brandi Carlisle

    16. Shelly V


    17. Sheila

      I love her voice so much it hurts.

    18. Leah Cropp

      So wonderful ♥️

    19. Whitney ONeal

      God that voice!

    20. The Progressive Atheist

      She looks like Belinda Carlisle even though I know she's not related.

    21. Allen Hare

      Very Good, Brandi. Thanks for honoring Joni Mitchell.

    22. Bryan

      As impressive as Rich Little.

    23. FAB4

      Joni Mitchell was born in Alberta, Canada as was fellow Canadian, k.d. lang.

      1. James Douglas


    24. Suzanne Brown

      Brandi is wonderful with a gorgeous voice. She reminds me of Joni Mitchell, whose voice I love and her great songs. ❤️

    25. CanWeAllAgree

      I mean, what kind of monster does one have to be to dislike a video this precious?

    26. worldismyashtray

      fucking brilliant

    27. Bentley B

      the last concert I saw in 2020 was Yola and Amethyst Kiah at the Neptune Theater in Seattle. Brandi just happened to be in town and opened for both, unannounced. it was a magical night.

    28. Diva Love

      I spent several yrs in music industry as exec w BMG (now Sony BMG) it's been a really long time since sound of an artist's voice stopped me in my tracks and made tears stream down my face...Brandi did this for me all evening. I listened to each song...her voice is so heavy w emotion it made me weep. No wonder Joni loves her. Thank you Stephen Colbert; due to illness, stress and PTSD I've been out of the loop of tenderness but Brandi just doused me w it tonight and it feels really good. Thank you! Xo

    29. Rolyat Neek

      One of my all time favorite Joni songs, and Brandi absolutely nailed it.

    30. Kirsten Olsen

      The record Blue was playing when I gave birth to our second son. Thank you for this.

    31. Barbara Brau

      Thanks Brandi xoxo

    32. Monica Simpson

      What a joy, both of you! Thank you!

    33. Ro G

      Do yourself a favor and give her song "Sweet Tooth" a listen. And if you are ever feeling like you're at your end and thinking about ending your life, please talk to someone, anyone, seek help and take care of yourself. 🙌🏼🙏🏼

    34. Ryders Night

      I have a new name for the show. You could call it Traitor talks or late night with a traitor or the something anyways Steven I used to like you then you because a traitor now I was Covid was real so that you could have a triple dose ✌️

      1. Kathy KB

        Make sense much?

      2. Vickie

        If you’re going to bitch, at least make it understandable. 🙄

    35. Carroll Bolling

      Absolutely breathtaking. I thought no one could do Joni Mitchell but Brandi Carlisle soars effortlessly.

    36. alec mcelcheran

      Shivers. Again.

    37. Daniel Carey

      How was that NOT recorded???

    38. Workingto Seethelight

      the tears streaming down my face making every breath break my broken rib - bless ya

    39. Cire Dorf

      A ninth grade AV class could do a better show.

    40. Nain Aguero

      Welcome back Brandi, man it is great to hear you again, thank you Stephen beautiful treat!

    41. Edward Lindon

      Stephen almost held it together. Just a little crack. Personally, I'm a puddle as soon as Brandi starts to sing.

    42. Mike Bishop

      Wow wow wow !!! She needs to do a remake of Blue. I’m still remember when it was released in the 70s. Never ages.

    43. Great Sajby

      I have nothing against the Blue album. It's fantastic. But her TRUE breakthrough was the hat trick of For the Roses--Court and Spark-->Hissing of Summer Lawns, and I'm just wondering why I hear about Blue 100x more often than those other albums.

      1. Joanne Soltani

        And Heijera is another brilliant album! Some critic (in Rolling Stone I believe) declared Blue to be her masterpiece and the reputation stuck.

    44. 80sgma


    45. Lynn St Laurent

      I was just listening to Brandi when I was puttering around in my garage. I just love her voice.

    46. Masatoshi Shoji

      I've been waiting for her book coming here in Japan for months. I've been listening to Brandi Carlile every day since I had come to know her in 2019. She is just an incredible person.

    47. tiny dancer

      I have the chills and tears pouring out of my eyes. That was soooooooo............

    48. Ivor Spital

      Shame about the subtitles. It's not difficult!

    49. ono 724

      What’s crazy is that I just found out about Brandi Carlile a week ago when I heard her song The mother on the radio. Now I see her on Stephens show. She’s an awesome talent.

    50. Barb Klein

      I have never even heard of Brandi Carlile but I've got to tell you that she seems to be amazing. :) I am very much looking forward to learning about her and getting some of her albums although I don't know if there called albums anymore! Wow! What a voice! And hearing her sing Joni Mitchell just makes it that much better!

      1. Jennifer Berven

        much of her stuff is on vinyl. also check out the Highwomen

    51. Rich Roberts

      Please make your Blue concert into an album.

    52. Poon Nate

      Yo stop ignore me rude dude bling dude

    53. h t

      Hahahaha was it at "Zebulon RPM." Poor Justin really bit it for all of these assholes. ~~SO MUCH WASTED TALENT~~~

    54. paulalancaster1

      I don't know anything about Brandi, but Joni Mitchell is a goddess to me and Blue is a masterpiece I almost wore out on my turntable in '71. I have goose flesh all over now after hearing Brandi CHANNEL Joni (not just 'cover') . Major props to this young lady. WOW.

    55. Lobo

      Excellent, Stephen...Now, please bring on the Indigo Girls, Amy Ray & Emily Saliers, and let’s get women’s take on Georgia folk music/activism. Besides, they will both soon be nominated for the American Freedom Medal.🎖 🎖

    56. Maureen Young

      Brandi is so beautiful!🙏🏼

    57. Sam Nelson

      right, as soon as this interview finishes blue is going on the turntable - thank you mum.

    58. Carolyn Wilke

      I attended the concert at Disney Hall In Los Angeles. It was a magical performance and to actually see Joni Mitchell & Elton John (from where I was sitting) was awesome!

    59. Joshua Stephens

      "A Case of You" has got to be one of the greatest songs of all time right?

    60. darfoto


    61. David Burgess

      what is mind blowing is that she performed the entire album live with Joni in the audience!!

      1. sarah hanks

        @David Burgess yes i guess that exactly right, how are you doing David?

    62. Maki Burgess

      Not the best version. Try Joni’s original, or covers by k.d. Lang or Stephen Fearing.

    63. Lord Of Linux

      I'm sensing Melissa Etheridge vibes.

    64. Mary Ackerman

      wow, tears coming

    65. Michelle Maloney-Mangold

      This is not the first time Brandi Carlisle made me cry, and it certainly won't be the last. What a special human she is.

      1. John Coffman

        Wonderful how sometimes music can touch us deeply and we not even knowing why. I had the experience just last night. I was surfing through some songs by The Gathering - a group I discovered a year ago. But it is the music they made between 1995 and 2007 that attracts me. I found a song I hadn't hear called, You Learn About it. I couldn't even make out the lyrics at first. But my eyes welled up with tears. The voice of their lead singer was so plaintive and sympathetic. Reading the words on google was like reading a little poem by e. e. cummings, as if he were a teenage girl experiencing her first heartbreak.

    66. Connie Ball

      Love Brandi!

    67. New Message

      I'm not crying, you're crying! Now gimme that box of tissues.

    68. Gail Jacobson

      Sophomore year in college, 1977, the “Blue” on repeat over and over and over on my dorm turntable. Crying over A lost relationship.

    69. Mark Verschell

      I have always enjoyed her, and thought she was an extremely talented song writer. But I didn’t seek out her music. Now I have heard her both a Capella and with solo guitar and I was just blown away.

    70. Savannah M. Laurentian

      I love the purity of not having recorded that concert. But in these hard times for many, for those that can't be there, I hope they record it!

    71. water cake

      在 covid-19 爆發前的4個月, 2019年7月,弗吉尼亞州費爾法克斯(Fairfax, VA)發生了未知的病毒爆發,症狀與 covid-19 非常相似。 美軍生物武器研究中心, 馬里蘭州的德里克堡(Fort Detrick)離費爾法克斯(Fairfax)僅41英里。 德里克堡(Fort Detrick)於2019年8月關閉。這是費爾法克斯(Fairfax)病毒爆發 和

    72. Katelyn3666

      Ah I can't believe she picked "A Case of you" one of my favorite Joni Mitchell songs. Thank you!

    73. BottleAire New! 1/2 Vaxxed!

      👍 Beautiful.

    74. Daniel Tomaszewski


    75. Clay Ballard

      I've pulled out my copy of Blue from 50 years ago. I am now awash with tears of nostalgia.

    76. Julie Holt

      I literally burst into tears. This is pure love and magic.

    77. Stephen Millar

      Beautiful, charming, real and unbelievably talented.

    78. T A

      Hmmm She might be the only person I’ve ever heard cover Joni and do her right. 👍🏼✨🎶

      1. Gail Jacobson

        Watch Prince do this song, it’s on DEcameras. It’s amazing

    79. PeterPunkAss

      She sang this at her concert 2019 madison square garden it was awesome

    80. Best Fit Square Channel

      As I pick myself up from my floor... ♥️ 🖖🏽 🤗 .... carry on young woman... carry on.

    81. Anthony Salvati

      Seriously, is there anyone cooler, more real, and more talented than the great Brandi Carlile, just this short little clip showcases everything that makes Brandi so special.

      1. Anthony Salvati

        @Alan Hope and that is relevant because?

      2. Alan Hope

        Yes. Joni Mitchell, for example. I don't see Joni going on Colbert to sing Brandi Carlile songs.

      3. Cire Dorf

    82. Lady Craft

      One of my favorite Joni Mitchell songs, sung by Brandi Carlile. That was so beautiful it made me cry. Thank you Brandi Carlile. You're awesome. BTW, I've always loved your songs as well.

    83. Anwar Khunaizi

      I loved Brandi’s voice. It’s so elegant as she’s singing. Bravo 👏

    84. L Uns

      I could not be more in love with brandi carlile.

      1. Carol Ann Johnston

        Get in line!

    85. El Ram

      Oh wow, she's good, plus her smile and looks are very similar to Natalia Lafourcade's. 😲 Very pretty.

    86. Somer Flowers

      Well now I’m crying at 3:42am watching this ❤️🙌🏼 always so soothing to hear her voice.

    87. Lwazi M

      Damn...that was astonishing

    88. Lenny Aronsten

      That was so beautiful, thank you Brandi.. I saw Joni live in '83 (Adelaide).. may be a long time before I can get to hear you live.. hopefully sooner than later.. xo

    89. Yautja Prime

      Aw she looks like a 7th grader on picture day

      1. Vickie

        Haha. That is the best description. 👍

    90. Dan Collins

      Wow, Joni’s songs aren’t for your average singer. It takes a tremendous range and an artist comfortable with stretching it. Bravo!

      1. Kathleen Cunningham

        Brandi hits the notes, & her reverence for Joni is clear, but her voice isn’t as sweet.

      2. Suzanne Berry

        The range is so challenging.

    91. ShredderTainment

      My late Papa is smiling upon you now. Joni is his favorite.

    92. Rudi Wicomb

      Stephen looking a bit teary there. Do they give Emmy's for best guest performance in late night variety show?

      1. Marion Halliday

        brilliant idea - they should

    93. ShredderTainment

      Yes I need these kinds of tears from hearing you sing! More more more!! Thank you Brandi C.💞So glad you’re gay! ☺️🙏 You bring me tears of joy.

    94. The Cooper Tech Kid


    95. Yuriel Cundangan

      Brandi: Its good to be w/you Everyome: Filled of TEASING

    96. Eduarda Medeiros

      I am not gonna lie. I just opened DEcameras to search if Brandi Carlile have ever covered A Case of You. This video had been posted an hour ago. It blew my mind, honestly.

      1. Eduarda Medeiros

        @Corey Judd Totally. I loved it.

      2. haha herman


      3. Corey Judd

        sometimes, that shit just happens. I'm glad that today it happened to you!

    97. Artemio Marifosque

      Brandi,you are loved here in the Philippines,even if we are Catholics here. Cheer ya,thanks Stephen for having her!

    98. Abernathy Har


    99. pswilson1000

      Oh my, I’m in tears. Hearing her sing Joni, brought all my youth before me. Brilliant.

      1. Que serra

        There s another live version where she s singing to an audience containing joni Mitchell if you look. It on you tube somewhere. Incredible.

      2. maremacd

        Thanks to the influence of my beloved oldest sister, Joni Mitchell sang the soundtrack of my youth. Blue was my favorite album.

    100. rysteve11

      Nobody covers Joni quite like Brandi does!

      1. joaidane

        @Alan Hope I don't think she could possibly sing it the way she does without feeling it and intensely! Did you listen to the audition version or the studio one? She's at her best when playing to an audience, so listen to the X-Factor audition clip. (as for ex. in this clip )

      2. Alan Hope

        @joaidane Casadilego gets all the words and all the notes, but I don't get the sense listening to her that she understands the meaning. There's a real sense in this song of the end of a love affair, in the smart-ass 'constantly in the darkness' remark, if you want me I'll be in the bar. That sense of dismissal that a teenager can't yet understand in a foreign language.

      3. joaidane

        Incredibly, (for some I'm sure) the best I've heard comes from a 16 or 17 year old, stage name CASADILEGO, who performed it as a relative unknown competing for a spot in the Italian Xfactor! Listen to the actual show version, worth a listen, or two ;)

      4. Chris Andersen

        They’re all unique and special. Try Diana Krall’s piano version. Canadian. Jazz. So good I had tears. Joni does that though. She is this conduit, and we are all just lucky to be able to hear it through the filter of our own experience.

      5. rysteve11

        @Maki Burgess k.d. Lang is awesome. Nothing against her at all, hers is a great cover as well, but she doesn't do it justice for me the way Brandi does. So we agree to disagree, no problem.