Our Grifter Ex-President's Scheme To Separate Supporters From Their Cash

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    In the waning months of his unsuccessful reelection campaign, the former president used classic scam tactics to trick supporters into signing up for recurring weekly donations. #Colbert #Scams #Comedy
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    1. WelcometoVideoCity

      Listening to Batiste tell a story is like waiting for a toddler explain that they saw a dog.

    2. bff show 101

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    3. Jan Monson

      I'm used to love your show, but it is produced by a large corporation with deep pockets. So now not only have you stuffed DEcameras advertising in, but are selling merch! If you were independent of the studio I would say ok, but at this point your studio is no better than the Maga man himself. So glad I cut the cable years ago.

    4. wildmildew1

      Rent free in your heads. 😘

    5. Kalashnikov Khodorkovsky

      It's like taking candy from a baby! That's how ridiculous it is. God save America.🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

    6. Kalashnikov Khodorkovsky

      Wow! The poster boy of a Con artist. What will it take for people to learn? The snake oil salesman is at it again. Surely people who believe in falsehoods as truth deserve what they get. A fool and his money are soon parted.

    7. B. Mcleod

      😍 Jon Batiste

    8. Catherine Bowman

      Hey! I went to the cbs store to buy merch - sweatpants (xxl), a tee (L), a bandana AND a mug - and I can't! You don't ship to Canada and that really sucks. We love the show and wanted to be supportive of your fund.

    9. Som ting Wong

      How about talking about how everything that comes out of this administration is lies!! You won't will you? Is that because your part of the problem? Nice that you point this out and then insult those that were duped!! You are lower then whale shit!!

    10. joanne sferrati

      more proof... yet those who need to hear this news are willfully asleep. ignorance is bliss!

    11. Shaine

      will you joke about Biden? You still have freedom of speech there?

    12. Brian Freeman

      Haven't they found anything to put him away yet, now that he doesn't have the protection of presidential office.

      1. bryan anderson

        The only evidence has been from radical progressives' media most of that has already been refuted it's just that the mainstream media no longer issues retractions or corrections involving conservatives. For example a news article surfaced in October of last year reporting that Donald Trump had a large loan which was owned by the Bank of China & was coming due. This had not been vetted. Several other news outlets picked up the story and reported it as well. When the Bank of China issued it's own correction that the note was only owned for 10 days in 2013 & sold back to a US bank this information was not reported by any of the MSM. That's just one of dozens of examples. Most of what you hear is markedly false. Most of whats left is either half truth or deception by omission. No news media outlet would have dared to use such tactics 5 years or more ago. Not in the United States.

    13. Big Disney

      What is this? This is the poorest excuse for IDK what. Is this supposed to comedy, drama, some kind of news program for retarded people. Garbage 100% garbage.

      1. bryan anderson

        Freakin' guy is an idiot. What happened to Letterman?

    14. David Pugh

      Would the USA join the rest of the world? You are too big to do this.

    15. Jesus Diaz

      When this puppet is gonna talk about the senile Biden. Ohhh sorry. He's paid for speaking on Trump. I remember now.

    16. Ruben Lopez

      According to this late show clown, Donald J Trump would never become President.

    17. C R

      Wow, Trump has still broken every one of you, including Dear Leader Colbert. You'd better snap out of it and start worrying about Slow Jim Crow(sorry, Eagle) Quid Pro Schmoe's EO's.

    18. Joe Weis

      Trump Played His Mob Like A Harp !!!

    19. TheRawfishking

      I beg the differ...they will NEVER show that shot again...not in the Spokane area. 🤣😂

    20. Dj Love

      How can i get a hoody

    21. Mark Allen

      Another one - as someone who for academic purposes tried to send his campaign a question through official portals. After submitting your message, you were brought instantly and directly to the campaign contribution page, with $150 already written on the line. I recieved no notification that my message went through, and never recieved a response. Better than any member of the House, who requires the use of a local Zipcode before you even write your message. If you're out of jurisdiction, you're just told to scram. Try it out, from AOC to Kev McCarthy. I found it nuts

    22. Alanna Baker

      to be fair these are the same people who give their paycheck to the super rich churches too.... Republicans should just be re named the fools club

    23. iEuno1

      Oh yes, no Dissent were done, only kept actions stronger than Hitler's Tyrannical outcomes. Not Osama yet.

    24. Ta Thanh Kieu

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    25. KingMinosxxvi

      Colbert still talking about trump instead of the military industrial complex that Biden is rolling forward.

    26. Jonish ramirez

      Cult members will give their souls to someone who tells them what they want to hear. Like mega church leaders. It's a cult!

    27. Paintboy

      "Trumped" supporters should LEARN TO READ. IT WOULD GO A LONG WAY IN SOLVING THE " Big Lie" as well.

    28. Demie Cazaux


    29. Katherine Lucas

      Suggs hit the OG middle school wastepaper basket "Kobe!"

    30. Mike Gapido

      You rejoice in the Fact that You and all those who agree with your Kind are Propaganda Soothes Sayers for a Demonic Government Empire who Cheated and Lied..and still Lie and Slander the Right ..who have no Voice of Their Own Because your side Silence them ..So who are you talking to ..Their is no other side ..they have been taken down..You don’t seem Happy..Cause you know as well as I do You Cheated to get where you are..Because your not Good enough to Win Fairly..It is a Bitter Victory for Low Life Like YOU..

    31. Andrew Muñoz

      Funny how he only talks to his piano guy when its about sports/Obama🤣🤣🤣

    32. Ed Parnell

      Jean Baptiste is the epitome of cool.

    33. Spencer Williams

      Oh my goodness... this reminds me of what Girls Gone Wild used to do.

    34. Pinky Buddy

      The Ex grifter 2 times impeached 1 term loser is the cult leader of the Republican cultist is always going to need donations he is stealing

    35. Jo Geh

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    36. Releasemindssecond Last

      at this point it would be an act of bullying if we refuse to called it a cult ... seriously they work so cultly hard to be called cult

    37. Kaarli Makela

      LBJ said that if you can make a poor white man feel superior to blacks, you can pick the guy's pocket 24-7. Paraphrased

    38. Mugdorna

      As a European I can’t understand why normal citizens are donating such large sums of money to wealthy parties and politicians.

      1. FullMoonOctober

        As an American, neither can I. My best guess is competitive nature mixed with being raised in a capitalist society.

    39. winesap2

      Just more of the same con they’ve been duped by all along.

    40. winesap2

      Jon’s wardrobe: $5000 Stephen’s wardrobe: $15

      1. FullMoonOctober

        And it was worth it.

    41. C N

      Would be nice if people would get new material instead of talking, still, about the one irrelevant POS that stained our Oval Office & killed people.

    42. Lisa M

      When will someone inform Jon that the hairstyle he is wearing is not for him. Another hairstyle would be more suitable.

    43. Linda Freeman

      Waiting for the hoodie to turn up on Trevor Noah.

    44. Rohan Anderson

      Steven send me some..


      "If you're stupid enough to give Trump money, you don't deserve any money." - anybody with a brain.

    46. nzlemming

      It wouldn't be copyright infringement - it would be trademark infringement. So now you know.

    47. Вера Гусева

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    48. Beast Ouncelifeian

      The whole minstrel show aspect of this music fool are great. He doesn't even understand! White guys using black guys to make them laugh and entertain them, but can't be part of tge "real show".Classic.

    49. one click

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    50. Jeremy Evanston

      I’m willing to throw a benefit . Terror management Theory .

    51. Janie Jones

      I almost feel sorry for those idiots. I bet anything my dad is one of them, he also likes to send money to the NRA. FOOOOOLS! 😆

    52. Fairplay Supporter

      It's a scam from a loser crook!?! LMAO

    53. Kevin Kosmo

      That "We are the Champions" bit was so sweet! I'd love to hear Jon's piano cover for full song.

    54. Andy Davis

      Banditos! Some are good people.

    55. Amber Pierce

      Well how much is your swag

    56. Amber Pierce

      You need to stop talking about other people around some people want just throw back at you what about somebody Worcester sue you

      1. Amber Pierce

        What about just say much to you he's just to say much well what about somebody takes you to court and just the same but just to say to you what are you going to do then

    57. Sara Danhoff

      Economic violence justifies physical self defense.

    58. acdeeiprrt

      I've seen the checkboxes, and it's hard to feel sorry for these people. If they didn't know to read the fine print, especially on preselected checkboxes, and ESPECIALLY when they're giving payment details over the internet, it's probably better that their favorite politician gets the money than the Nigerian prince they'd inevitably fall for sooner or later.

    59. Wesley JEFF

      America is the only democratic first world country with 30% of the population believing in Conspiracy theories n supporting corrupted ppl like D. Trump.

    60. Wesley JEFF

      America is run by corrupted politicians in Congress, while Patriots are dying because of mass shooting , year in year out, GoPs in Congress are not doing anything to curb gun control... .

    61. Duke 44

      Welcome to jeopardy. The category tn is what do Trump, Trump Jr, Greene, Cruz and Geatz have in common beside being in the Republican party. Answer, What is - - - -.

    62. Trump, Donald

      My supporters/suckers are so generous.

    63. Billy taylor

      Trump Fundraising team did a Internet search and found MOST people don't read the TOS and the like before clicking "Yeah, I agree", so they thought HEY, we can write in a default to weekly donations and they will never notice.

    64. Elizabeth De Long

      I love you John!

    65. filippo rossignolo

      These Godly people were notified by the 3 time republican/independent, 3 times Mayor of New York. He said - I ham am a New Yorker and I know a CON when I see one- Think about!!!!!! Why he lost NEW YORK? On the first time that he was elected with the Electoral Voters but lost buy 3,000,000 votes the popular votes. However, this time, he try to take the country BY FORCE after he lost buy over 7,000,000 popular votes and the Electoral Votes. Conning isn't successful must of the times.

    66. SpukiTheLoveKitten75

      It gets even worse! After the election, the GOP fund-raisers, aware that some supporters were getting wise to the grift, created donation boxes that read (Paraphrased) "IF YOU UN-CHECK THIS BOX FOR A ONE-TIME DONATION, WE WILL KNOW WHO YOU ARE... AND YOU ARE A TRAITOR AND NOT A PATRIOT AND A DEFECTOR TO THE 'DEMON-CRAPS'..." and so on... LITERALLY STRONG-ARMING PEOPLE INTO MONTHLY / WEEKLY DONATIONS... www.wonkette.com/griiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiift ... Here's the article which explains it better, this is despicable! This is mobster-level stuff here!

    67. TF Sheahan

      I can see someone missing the withdrawal from their checking account for a month. I don't check every week myself. But several months in a row? And several weeks in a row? C'mon!

    68. motojc

      Why am I not feeling sympathetic?

    69. Ethel Oliver

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    70. T. R. Campbell

      We are going to see this now with out-of-control spending. We are already seeing motor fuel prices increase and they will continue to do so. Soon we are going to see higher taxes for all Americans if not from government confiscation to corporations passing on government taxes to customers. We are also going to see runaway inflation. Many economies will argue that you cannot have both runaway inflation and higher taxes but I believe we are going to see the impossible happen within the next year and a half to two years.

    71. ReversedShadows

      Imagine thinking Trump actually cares about you... while grifting millions of dollars.

    72. Mike James

      But he wouldn't do it to ME! Deep down he really cares!

    73. teddy mills

      Separating MAGA rubes from their money.

    74. Patrick Guitar

      5:06 is this home shopping network?overdosing on bad t shirts...got an issue?....smug people...hmmm ..fore....skin...this suxxx..

    75. Patrick Guitar

      4:20 thats right steve..bending over for trumps links...keep polishing hiss balls..

    76. Patrick Guitar

      3:36...no shame steve has a lot of morals....he needs a balance bar....

    77. Patrick Guitar

      3:04....Steve your compounded condescension is causing the boredom fulcrum in my cranium to become excessively heavy...maybe that ball washing job is still available at trumps links in throggs neck..

    78. Patrick Guitar

      2:35....how do you go on with this bs..looks like you at least had an espresso enema in this segment steve...

    79. Patrick Guitar

      2:00 bounce a basket ball on the keys might sound better..lol

    80. Patrick Guitar

      1:14 ...Steve really shows his enthusiasm for b ball...

    81. Patrick Guitar

      :43...played for a decade ...not like covert career...lol...keep pointing at the camera someone's gotta pay...

    82. Mostly Harmless

      John's hands are a national treasure.

    83. Miskatonic Alumni

      The new Trump campaign emails will read "If you uncheck this box we will tell Trump you HATE him and are in fact AntiFa supporters who want AMERICA to be COMMUNIST!"

    84. Miskatonic Alumni

      I imagine the Trump campaign got some pointers from Audible. I want my money BACK AUDIBLE!!!!

    85. Miskatonic Alumni

      I literally cannot feel bad for anyone scammed by Trump. They busied themselves defending the Trump U scam for 4 years so them getting scammed by a KNOWN GRIFTER and all round terrible person is PRICELESS.

    86. Abraham Gomez

      What's the song in the beginning?

    87. K wal

      Late night talks shows have really went down the sh!tter. I guess Stephen Colbert is a political analyst now.

    88. odell daniel

      I can't wait till Trump's media sight is going, shameful how he has been silenced for exposing criminal politicians. Now we get a communist government, eager to please China, just sucking the life out of this country.

    89. P R

      tRump’s campaign donation plan sounds like a prosperity preacher

      1. FullMoonOctober

        He spent enough time with them vying for the evangelical vote, they were bound to rub off on each other.

    90. P R

      It was supposed to be Gonzaga’s year 😭😭

    91. Harry Legs

      Tell me why you love me baby.

    92. badhollywoodscience

      Lake Superior State College.

    93. draco argentum

      Honestly, if the sweatpants said "All Sweat, No Pants" I'd get them for the humor value.

    94. Linda Hernandez

      omg...what will it take for people to open their eyes and realize that twit trump was never a good leader ..all he cared about was himself and big corporations...he never ever cared about the people who put him in office...im so glad that he is out..and by the way..why isnt he in jail?? he has committed crimes..why is he not sitting in a jail cell?? come on people..please do not give that man anymore power..he is a con man..he doesnt deserve any support.. if u still support him..u are as brainless as he is

    95. John DiVito

      They were fools

    96. Edward Hilton

      Jon Batiste never misses.

    97. Curt Carson

      Lmao he still won't say his name 🤣

    98. sreekutty sree

      The fine lathe accidentally jail because pest climatologically melt despite a daily stream. pathetic, empty report

    99. Sharon Mores

      Never was my president! Trump has lied about everything and anything. He is nothing but a disgrace to all of Americans and America!

    100. YouTube Moderator

      Colbert grifts for his advertisers. Name the one entertainer that does not charge for his performance. Where did Biden get 40 million dollars from?