Victoria Monet "Touch Me"

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    The incredible, GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter Victoria Monet performs "Touch Me" from her latest project, "JAGUAR." Find out more about "JAGUAR" here #Colbert #VictoriaMonét #TouchMe
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    1. Honour Abulude

      This woman is slept on wayyy too harddddd🥺🥺

    2. Justin Ramel

      I LOVE Victoria!! She’s such an amazing songwriter/performer! 🔥🔥❤️

    3. Desmond Campbell

      The way the beat breaks down is insane

    4. Student Gee

      so good!

    5. Christopher lloyd

      I have watched this ten times today alone

    6. JenXBeauty

      She is amazing!!! Her talent, vocals,

    7. adress13

      I wish they would tone down whatever effect it is they're using on her voice on certain parts. Her voice is beautiful and the autotune or pitch correction or whatever it is, is slightly distracting.

    8. Shoshi

      A WLW anthem 🏳️‍🌈❤️

    9. Lau G

      Her last ep was god given. I adore her

    10. Sandy Shay

      Fuckin obsessed

    11. Yamani Bryant-McCray

      Love this song so beautiful and sensual

    12. Brielle Renee Music

      The skill talent and dedication that goes into a performance like this. And that base!

    13. Company Company


    14. I J

      I cant stop watching this wheww 🥵

    15. Annastacia Samuels

      Mannne I didn’t realize how much breath control those verses took! She did that🤤

    16. Steve Empire Videos

      I'm obsessed with her

    17. Breana Hayes

      My gurllllllllllllllll 🤎

    18. J

      She was holdingbthat knee for dear life tryna hide that bump😭😭😭😭😭😭

    19. Julio Rojas

      She is extremely underrated. Her music is so soothing.

    20. Aretha Wellman


    21. Isabell V


    22. Natinat

      Pro tip for men: 1. Add this performance to your "foreplay" playlist 2. The said playlist should already contain Brandy's "Touch me", Slic vic's "Lingerie & Perfume" and Twenty88's "Push it", of course 3. Light some scented candles 4. TEXT HER a CLEAR invitation to your house. NO "wanna hang ?" and dont even think about your usual "wyd?"🙄. 5. Start playing the said playlist when she arrives, open a nice bottle of wine and just start a good conversation with her on the couch... Whatever happens next is yalls business lol

    23. Chloe Dinh

      can’t wait for her Grammy in the future

    24. Rogelio Diaz2747


    25. Anthony Regala

      Omygosh when the trumpet player came through I did this weird giggle that I couldn’t contain

    26. Nur Abugali


    27. ariadna grau

      YEEES! HER VOICE,,,,,, im in love

    28. Mariano Perez


    29. speng

      love the visuals here, but fr they need waterfalls in the back ya know 😪

    30. itspeyday


    31. Sarai Lopez

      The day she becomes mainstream will be the damn day

    32. SummerCurl


    33. Spasies

      this girl is way too talented for yall to be sleeping

    34. GoddessJay

      She is so magical ❤️✨❤️✨❤️

    35. GoddessJay

      Love everything about this and her ❤️❤️❤️

    36. velocityari

      and she just had a baby 🤩 love you victoria 😘

    37. Shante B

      I really love Victoria music anything she puts out I'm listening 🎧 Did she have her baby yet. I'm assuming she did on here she doesn't look pregnant.

    38. Adriana Augustine


    39. Rohit Pabla


    40. João Victor

      EU AMO♡

    41. KTM

      Somehow she made this song even more sensual for the live. Adding this to my sex vibe playlist

    42. floraean

      this is the most beautiful song i've ever heard

    43. Brianna Rochelle

      That's my queen.


      She’s so beautiful and such a fucking VIBEEEE

    45. Khalillah Shabazz

      So we might get the official music video after all?! Oh Victoria!!! She's a whole mfxing vibe!!!

    46. tari

      Love victoria ssszzzzzooo much

    47. niks

      next time bring kehlani to do it with her!

    48. Odile Jones

      First off Victoria Monet is one of the best if the new crop of r&b singers and deserves all the attention. Second This song is one of the sexiest ever I love it when it’s the duet with Kehlani definitely on my playlist when my man and I are together.

    49. Oh_No_ I’m_Embarrassed

      Love Victoria sm and no hate but why are they using auto tune

    50. Maria Carolina

      My girl just had a baby and now she back to performing woooow 👏👏👏🙌🙌 thats some Queen Tingz

    51. Hanna Wagenknecht

      Beautiful and very sexy

    52. camila r.

      Esto es demasiado para mi.

    53. shareef

      this all black presence is everything🤎

    54. Daniyaal Gul

      I love thissss

    55. Kandhalvi Asaali

      her voice is just so buttery T^T I'm in love

    56. bar horea

      her voice is like honey

    57. just a random guy

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    58. Dorian White

      My favorite song on Jaguar

    59. Michael Crisci

      Incredible artistry!!

    60. Francisco Martinez

      My baby!!!!!😍😍😍😍 I live for this gal ❤️ she’s dope

    61. Josemar Munguha

      So beautiful!❤️✨

    62. almand martin

      GIVE IT UP FOR THIS QUEEN ON THE TRUMPET OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    63. bappo

      the best part about victoria monet is that most, if not all, her performers, dancers and band members are all women

    64. CaapriceTube


    65. TITO pfaziano

      I love this song especially the remix

    66. Samiyah Bolton

      I really hope she gets big she’s to underatted

    67. justfavoritevids

      This song is giving me some "Invicible" Michael Jackson's album vibes

    68. greencupid 123

      anyone know who the trumpet player is? the tone is immaculate


      So good.

    70. Hourglass - WERC Crew

      Obsessed. So talented

    71. Alessandra da Silva

      I love this woman ♀️

    72. CassieJazz96

      yay I love this song!!!!!

    73. Inkay2x


    74. Réda Vinci


    75. Rose Kahindo

      Just beautiful 🔥💖💖💖 black women are amazing

    76. Laura Brown

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    77. ASHELY

      Love this song👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    78. Shanail McDowell

      Yassssssssss🙌🏽💙🗣 #highvibrationmusic #queen

    79. Olwethu Morake

      There's a few artists I'd like to see live one day and she's up there, wow.🤎

    80. Tosh McGhee


    81. Eighty'Third Projectz

      Victoria is epic!!

    82. Team Member


    83. Timothy Byes

      Only thing missing was those drums like in the studio version. They give me that Afro-Carribean feel.

    84. Margaret Peabody

      The cord progression hit some amazing heights the monochromatic set seemed harsh but softened in Amber tones. Vocals turned to silk.

    85. Jazlyn Arii

      Everyone in this video is beautiful

    86. Xhris The Emperor


    87. India X


    88. Randy Anderson

      VM live performance sounds just as good as the cd version😳🤔🤗

    89. Aal Liyah Amor

      Wow! That was really nice. Had to listen to it twice.

    90. Nqoba

      She is so amazing ✨✨❤️❤️

    91. Jayquan Jenkins

      So ethereal and beautiful. You have to STAN! 🤌🏼

    92. Osha Harris

      I love her

    93. Eli Friendly

      Wait when did she give birth to her baby

    94. Sa’Nya Landingham

      I swear I was waiting for Kehlani to just come out of no where lmfaooo

    95. Jen AB

      a voice like silk with a touch of velvet

    96. Jaleel S.

      & to think she was pregnant here!

    97. kokocrunch40

      Does anyone know if there’s another album coming?? She’s been doing a lot of performances recently. Or is she promoting Jaguar now that she had her baby??

      1. Abby

        right before Vic had her baby she kind of implied no music for a while by saying in a live “before i go i wanna put out some music (f.u.c.k.) for y’all.” i think that’s why she had these live performances and the f.u.c.k. video ready so that she could still have content out for us while she’s taking some time off with baby Hazel

    98. MoorsTalk

      Anyone who teaches me. Loves me. And I love them back! Genuinely. #NoLimitForeverRecords 🇲🇦🇺🇲🇲🇦

    99. gizelle lópez

      her singing this song live was beautiful now imagine if she sang it with kehlani live? i'd die

    100. Eliana Whitt

      The way I was waiting for kehlani to come out so could sing her part😭😭😭