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  1. Eric Minch

    I wonder how they avoided copyright issues with Warner Bros. Maybe they just paid the fee?

  2. Dave Don

    Just stand up walk towards it and drop the damn paper balls in them trash 🗑 😀😀😀😀😀

  3. 119334052

    Unfortunately the merch is not available in Europe :-(

  4. mirhurta77

    That bird going "caw caw" and "pinch pinch" uh muh gud i can't

  5. Lilly Anderson

    I love Billy Crystal!

  6. Vicky witton

    Seth has the best laugh!

  7. Landon Strange

    I wish my small business could get the pants . That all we can we can Afford

  8. Kayla and Jim Bryant

    I could go for some maple/walnut fudge right now.

  9. Philoctetes

    Red Lobster, a company fueled by ships that LITERALLY strip-mine the Ocean saving a lobster? What ?

  10. SilverWlf

    Jon's face on the "We're back Monday" joke....he was so hopeful at first.

  11. jwoolman5

    Never had a rat problem for decades. Every few years a little rat family would try to occupy the crawl space. Mom was picked off first by the cats, then increasingly sad looking progeny one by one. My job was just to body bag them after the cats laid them in state parallel to the fridge or filing cabinets. Until COVID. The combination of scarcer commercial food sources and two (unrelated) pacifist cats was disastrous. The rats just toddled past the cats with not a care in the world, and they knew I was no threat at all. Had to buy a shoebox sized cage with a place to put a rodent feast and then trap/relocate the little dears myself. Had to change from a corn-based kitty litter to clay because one adorable little rat got addicted to the corn-based litter, which is not really a good diet for a rat. May she Rest In Peace - she disappeared after a bigger rat moved in and was not very nice to her. I suspect foul play. I had considered just taking her to the vet for spaying and putting a collar on her. The cats already treated her as just another pet. I still miss her. She was bold as brass. Finally decided to get the rats a birth control clinic (ContraPest by SenesTech) while I continued to lockdown every scrap of food. That really does work. Mickey(s) the Rat(s) scampers into the clinic for its/their contraceptive drink every day (works on males and females) but has finally realized there isn’t enough food available to bother with and so just does quick exploratory visits in hopes that I forget to cover anything edible left for a few seconds. (Which of course I do. Wouldn’t mind if Mickey at least ate the whole apple instead of only half.) the cats help by at least getting more interested and spooking any remaining Mickeys. At least no more Mickey Jr.s will emerge. And when I do manage to trap her/them, I can tell anybody who catches me relocating them that I’m releasing rats that are sterile for at least the next three months (maybe longer). I may be providing Planned Parenthood for the entire neighborhood rat population for all I know, if word has spread about the cozy box with the delicious drinks. I think New York City and Washington DC have been experimenting with the rat contraceptive stations rather than relying just on feline pest control officers. This avoids any problem with poisoning other critters (including small humans) or disposal of too many dead bodies at once. The rats just live out their lives with greatly reduced numbers of baby rats born. Looks like a pregnant rat drinking the contraceptive might even give birth to baby girl rats who are sterile. Although an experienced cat really does dispatch the rats very fast and in a much more kindly manner than humans do. Once long ago (before the pacifists arrived) I came inside with the cats, heard a little rustling in the kitchen, and one cat raced off to the kitchen, I heard a single squeal, and the cat trotted back to me with the dead rat in her mouth before I could barely close the door. It was probably just a few seconds from start to finish.

  12. tornadoswe

    I do aerial film and photography. The drone buisness is running low on drones. You all better hire us quickly before we run out of......drone. :D

  13. ElmerFuddGun

    Awesome commercial for Just Heavenly Fudge! And only a few hours for us Canadians on the border to get there... plus a few months to get out of COVID, of course. Would be a good road trip.

  14. michael fernandez

    RepubliCockipot. Sounds HONEST.

  15. Claire B

    I love Tiffany so much.

  16. Mandy Lee

    Amazing talent 💕

  17. Barbara Kleymann

    Did I miss the song what song if I had to listen to one song for the rest of did you pic one

  18. Martin Grayson

    Bless you stephen for helping

  19. Tony Gunk

    Legends in their own right

  20. Richard Vinsen

    Turns out Foghorn is just another closeted southerner. Right, Miss Lindsey?

  21. David Brian

    Bitcoin is the most profitable investment online if only you trade with a professional broker

  22. Gerry Adams

    I just ordered a 1/2 pound of mint chocolate fudge. I am bumping the #colbertBizBump

  23. Lisa McCracken

    Tillamook is way closer.😁

  24. Madara Uchiha

    Not the first time Chinese officials didn't inform people timely, causing deaths.

  25. watertaco

    DEcameras is putting to much adds in the videos nowaday!

  26. Lex Slate

    Look condors are endangered. If they like hanging out in your yard maybe you should bring in more seas sea lions. Make them feel welcome. They need the habitat. Also I'm going to keep masking up for a while because some people are being real jackasses about getting vaccinated.

  27. Patrick Schwarze

    This is nice and all, BUT WHY is that 83 years old lady still working?????!!!! I mean, if she wants to...cool... but... does she have to? Jeez, that's too old to be sitting in a store all day!

  28. Vicky witton

    Happy Birthday Stephen!

  29. Amano Jyaku

    Well you did it again!!! Will have to order some freaking fudge now!!! And getting my love lasered in wood.

  30. Jason Olson

    Plz bring back covid

  31. Jane Doe

    LOVE this!!!!

  32. Philoctetes

    Love what John is wearing! Chic and comfy!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻🥳🥳🥳 BTW: I believe I get the “free” aspect. The elemental pipe version of the theme is representational of the freedom granted by the unfortunate lockdown. The stripped-down version of the show’s theme is representative of the strength we found in simplicity. Maybe?

  33. Vicky witton

    Love the tiger story! It's one of those "only in America" stories, so funny!

  34. Adrian Duran

    Whatever happened to Foghorn Dickhorn?

  35. Michael Parks

    It'd have to be a small mask...😂

    1. Michael Parks

      Just kiddin', I neither know nor care.

  36. Susana Esperança

    SC, you're a national treasure!! You do more for USA than many politics. Love from Portugal.

  37. Danny Nguyen

    Nothing better than Jon's ability to make you feel anything he wants you to feel.

  38. Zesty

    4:53 So, what are they going to do with this extra-vulnerable-to-predators lobster? Release it into the wild for the predators? Or maybe the idea is to breed calico lobsters, so you can say, "It's OK for us to eat them, because they'd never have a chance in the sea".

  39. Jamie Fitzpatrick

    Stephen you staff probably want a weekend… How do you think you start Monday in a different location if they don’t work the weekend?

  40. 1st amendment

    Grose, I've never seen a trans-muslim woke leftist before. Wow.

  41. Tommy Diamond

    I hope they'll play this on tour.

  42. Rocky Slope

    That was great voice-over work on this cartoon. It matched up perfectly. 🙂👍

  43. miko /

    4:09 タイタニックがハッピーエンドになった瞬間

  44. Laurie Powell

    I am currently reading KEEP FOOLN’ ‘EM, Billy Crystal’s 2013 memoir. He is a treasure.

    1. Lilly Anderson

      So true 💓

  45. K M

    I'm going to go out on a limb here, 1 minute into the video and predict that he's not going to mention Palestine yet again

  46. Sriram Sankar

    I am not crying. You are.

  47. Redstone Wizard

    Cant get steven in the borat promo out of my head

  48. Damien Rowley

    Thank you

  49. Axis Galaxis

    Just gonna have a city full of rats and cats that don’t hunt the rats. Everything will smell like rat n a cat litter box especially on a hot day by d way need nominate d THE CRAMPS for Rock n roll hall of fame. Won’t watch till they get this right.

  50. It Was A Good Idea At The Time

    Ć0ck-a-doodle-doo, more like that Ć0ck-ain't-a-doing-anything! 🐓🌶👎

  51. Marc F. Nielssen

    Hi Kenny! Best regards to Paula ❤

  52. Warren NZ

    *Sounds like another great reason for anti-vaxxers to not get vaccinated. Erectile disfunction would stop them from breeding more morons.*

  53. Ben Bridges

    That was beautiful.

  54. Stoic Finance

    *Stephen You Are such an inspiration!! Keep the content up!! I’ve recently lost my job during the pandemic, ut since then, I started a DEcameras Channel on Finance!! And its Growing too! Thank you for all the amazing videos! And for everyone else on DEcameras, Don’t Give Up!*

  55. El Muro

    Yes indeed!!!!!!

  56. jareya

    Really love this. Awesome way to support small businesses.

  57. MJSbydesign

    I purchased the "Don't even talk to me until I've had my paycheck" mug during the govt shutdown, and I think I've gotta get me a pair of those sweatpants! I'm fortunate enough to live in Australia where we haven't been hit nearly as hard as you guys, but in times of need, we all need our allies 🇦🇺🇺🇸

  58. Paige Finnegan

    Seth Rogen is underrated as a citizen.

  59. Stoic Finance

    *Stephen You Are such an inspiration!! Keep the content up!! I’ve recently lost my job during the pandemic, ut since then, I started a DEcameras Channel on Finance!! And its Growing too! Thank you for all the amazing videos! And for everyone else on DEcameras, Don’t Give Up!*

  60. Space Force Commander, General Stabled Genius

    Did the Condor do damage over Three Days? (Hope you get the reference!) Tweety Bird: “I tawt I taw three puddy tats!” Safari Park: “No, you didn’t.” Tweety Bird: “I did! I did taw three puddy tats!” Homer Simpson did name his lobster, and he called it “Pinchy” before giving it a very warm bath.

  61. handy864

    I'm sorry but yet again if they're not eating my cat or a threat to life I am going to side with the kitterkins

  62. Andrea Eisenberg

    Love you Seth! To be clear, being a mohel most certainly was a side gig for that guy. He probably owned a business or whatever to make his money.

  63. confusedgamer4life

    your love is meant to last, so give her the gift that go's straight to her @$$,make it heavenly fudge

  64. isaac mcpherson

    I use too bang a condor!

  65. BlackPanda56 Momene

    I love this intro already 🤣

  66. Rocky Slope

    I thought maybe this would be a comedic take on Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana. He always reminds me of Foghorn Leghorn when he talks.

  67. CJL LaIF

    Wow, amazing combined talent and chemistry 😍

  68. Greg White

    With less chickens being hatched and less people eating them , perhaps the rates of prostate and breast cancer will decline a bit.

  69. joe47771

    Hopefully, they are able to keep up with orders

  70. Verena Michel

    I wanna go to Lopez Island right now.... but I live in Germany 😑

  71. Mike The Chicago Critic

    Don't blame the Roosters Tyson...blame your own incompetence!

  72. Ally White

    No peeing in the pool.

  73. Eric Quezada

    Mr.&Mrs. COLBERT ✨✨🙏❣️♾️

  74. Mike The Chicago Critic

    Man Foghorn can't do the deed anymore. ...sad for the hens of the world!

  75. mary jones


  76. Zesty

    ♪ I’ve heard an awful lot of fellas say They’d like to be a king for just a day But being a king ain’t one of my yens I’d rather be a rooster with a flock of hens! ♫

  77. Sally Rice Psychic Medium


  78. Harlow Jade Mermaid

    my mans!!!! missed you guys!!!!! soundtrack of my life = the black keys xo

  79. Eric Quezada


  80. Belinda Joy

    Tiff, I Know you were at home boo but....you need either better lighting or to have fixed your makeup.