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  1. Max Paul

    Hugh grants description of her is spot on.. mad as a chair

  2. Jordan Taylor

    And at the end they threw the ring into an open RBMK nuclear reactor.

  3. Ms VonneGutPunch

    Lots of thoughts but, first, that is a very nice shirt.

  4. Elisabeth Seeger

    My current favorite is The Sound of Sundays -the Autobiography of Italian blues singer and song writer Zucchero Sugar Forniachiare - spectacular life!!!!

  5. GamePapa

    It's like inviting The Big Bad Wolf to a Housing Convention for Pigs.

  6. rusty Bend

    cbs evening news uses the same writers as clobert. norma loves stephen

  7. John Doe

    I think it's fake! Like all the rest from nasa

  8. marikuraba

    Did he say "John Batiste and the family.....STONED"?

  9. Esmeralda

    Ja ja, it DOES taste like shizz!

  10. iKnow BetterThanU

    Woof... CBS writers suck.

  11. Jean Redman-Roberts

    What do you wear to the prison prom- Congress is already holding hearings on it

  12. Alexandrovich72

    I don’t get the hype of what he said at the end? All he really said was some really pseudo-intellectual nonsense and actively pushed down the struggles of white people by suggesting that they weren’t white people, and that the moment they stopped struggling, they became white people, is that somehow compelling or non-racist? Also look up what he said about the First responders during 9/11, and tell me how much he gives a fuck about others.

  13. Donovan Werts

    You're a late adapter. lol

  14. Dennis Strahm

    Multiplanet species? An excuse for the super rich to spend earth's resources on an exclusive vacation trophy. Pure evil

  15. Harley_yelrah

    I respect that deathstroke fights teenagers he’s gotta stop Tik Tok

  16. Professor Sogol

    Have you heard from the Shasta Beverage Corporation concerning its trademark registration 78340438 for "SHASTA" registered with respect to, inter alia, non-alcoholic beverages?

  17. Jason Olson

    Trump sure knows how to run his mouth.

  18. Teran White

    The Great Wall works and the Great Firewall works too.

  19. Tyler Barrani

    As a Utahn I can tell you, one of the most commonly used phrases here is “I fucking hate it here”

  20. Stack Lord

    The hot huge history demographically transport because zinc chronically walk amidst a impossible beret. six, lush screen

  21. Gomez Addams

    Simple way to protect Earth from hostile aliens. Just broadcast a continuous loop of Fatso Trump blabbering on in his uniquely brain dead way. They will give us a very wide berth.

  22. Michael La Fayette

    Kraft Heinz employee here, just letting y’all know our factory is in overtime to catch up on packet production. We’ve got you guys 😁

  23. Joe Ellis

    Why do all the problems in this country seem to come from states in the south?

  24. Eric Ostrowsky

    This is terrible let's be honest.

  25. Barnaby Jones

    Colbert is a paid shill of the CCP.

  26. R. Coffman

    That was a hilarious impression of mitch "I'm gonna f*** your wallet!" 😂

  27. Levity

    Yeah, just overlook the fact that the border officials and sheriffs are largely Hispanic, and they vote Democrat. Inept cartoons are so much more comfortable for your smooth brains though. Then you ignore the toll it takes on Texans to keep the migrants healthy, that would otherwise fall on the feds if asylum claims were made orderly. We are so seriously sick of Washington DC and New York's bullshit. Truly, give me one good reason why south Texas shouldn't become a Catholic kingdom after secession, and not deal with GOP and Democrat drivel.

  28. ArcingAngels

    Sir, Mr. Colbert don't know if you have gone down the rabbit hole of J.R..R. Token as of late but there is a Soviet-era version of Lord of the Rings that has surfaced. Linked below. decameras.info/block/hpmZhKuerqrcb4E/video.html&ab_channel=RezaRosebud

    1. ArcingAngels

      late on that one. can u look to see when I posted said comment in relation to the time stamp of this video? 8\

  29. Stone Shifter

    dangerous drug? killing kids? Why are the wrong people always in charge of things

  30. Lex Slate

    Masks, sanitizer and distancing remain effective. People just need the ability to stay the hell home when they think it's not safe to go out. That said, I say we go for total global vaccination and snuff this damn virus out for keeps.

  31. Jason Bean

    I like RC::)

  32. najaca

    Still convinced Frank Sinatra is his dad.

  33. G-man

    You are a bright and shining light during theses fucked up times Steve, as always, thank# for sharing!

  34. me me

    the first 46 second in and I'm already annoyed by your dumbass comment. lost interest

  35. Michael La Fayette

    “I’m gonna fuck your wallet” really got me today, thank you Stephen 😂

  36. imperial diamond

    This interview was... off beat.

  37. Douglas Hardy

    Nice to see my state brought up on the show lol gotta love the Maine looking hair cut aka mullet 😂

  38. Burnin In Texas

    Please replace John Baptiste with someone that can hold a conversation... every clip the dude is just cringey af, then he laughs at nothing, then plays the piano with no purpose... lol for real, why you even asking him questions? Is it a inside joke? Like, "let's see how cringeworthy John is today"...lol

  39. Akeem

    Why is Colbert talking to himself?

  40. Rachel Bainbridge-Sedivy

    "a thumb that stepped on some teeth" actually- yeah that's exactly what he looks like wow

  41. Nathan billson

    Oh ! Congrats guys , even I am sad , but congrats .. I need to say this , for me and for The Shelvines , Sorry world , sorry beautiful Gwen and Sorry beautiful Behati , but I prefer the amazing Adam Lavine for my amazing sweet bear Blake ... I kept hope all these years , but it's gone now , life is unfair sometimes , it's okay uh ooo ahhhhhh nooooooooooooioo (crying so hard)

  42. Rosa Elena

    Me encantó y me sorprendió, ni me imaginaba que mi gocho querido bailaba tan bien y habla súper bien el Inglés, el es Índigo, Clarito Lo siento. Gracias Gracias Gracias 😘,desde Venezuela.

  43. Crimson Spirit

    He's not wrong I mean at some point in the future humans won't know that there are other galaxies out there, just us, floating in darkness

  44. Cenovia Mendoza

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  45. andrew prettyquick

    I'm White, But I'm black. This is known as the Michael Jackson Theorum. Sort of thing a psychotic nazi would come up with. Just watch out, dont be left alone with this dangerous lunatic

  46. Beetroot

    Where’s the Ronan Farrow interview 🤔

  47. claudermiller

    The aliens might view us like we view chicken. The only thing they care about is whether to bake, broil or fry us.

  48. William Owens

    Poor Matt. Still too much alcohol.

  49. George Collier

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  50. Jared Herren

    Yes clearly books that were written about 80 years ago should be held to today's lofty standards.

  51. create77

    Very Trump-wannabe isn't he.....greenberg,,,epstein...wonder why these chumps are so pompous - Hear me roar...LOOKS and SOUNDS....GUILTY. The Ethics Committee Investigation needs to start already - Double Standards!!!! HMMMM

  52. Fremont Pathfinder

    We're still in a large amount of danger. Fascism can re emerge.

  53. Austin Tyler

    You can tell he's never had his ass kicked. Might humble him a bit.

  54. George Collier

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  55. Evan Hughes

    "In Soviet Russia, Ring wears YOU!"

  56. Javier De Haro

    if only he would hold other democrats to the same standards as republicans.

  57. Alejandro P

    ma boy really needs to see the real world lol

  58. Ta Manh Dung

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  59. Tecpaocelotl Castillo

    To correct Michio (it is a lot), Moctezuma (not Montezuma) did not think Cortes was a god. The Mexica (Aztecs) did not send messages out. Cortes came to Mexico on his own. There's a book called Seven Myths of the Spanish Conquest that debunked everything Michio spew. The Mexica had a writing language. Theres a book that Deciphering Aztec Hieroglyphs for more details. We need to stop with these native stereotypes.

  60. Ta Manh Dung

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  61. Kathy Hussey

    "just follow the screaming " ah gawd I lost it....."then oh my heck this frickin beer" then "it's clearly just looking for the survivors" aw man the writers are killin' it lately !!

  62. Arthur B

    This man is always trying to justify one of the worst decisions ever made in the history of the USA. He is a criminal as well as all the administration at that time and should be judged for that. This Donald is worse than the other they're talking about. Period.

  63. Danny

    Peacemaker can fucking do anything. John Cena is a legend


    When one person with a high E.Q. conversates with someone with a high I.Q....the conversation basically goes awry.

  65. Headbanging MAMA

    Who is the other guy playing guitar in the right (not Tom)? Anybody know?

  66. TheRawfishking

    I beg the differ...they will NEVER show that shot again...not in the Spokane area. 🤣😂

  67. Jay Westfield

    I love this song 🌹

  68. Paul Archibald

    As Mitch said don't let these big corporations influence you! Now for a refreshing glass of hypocrisy.

  69. brodie h

    You don't glue in a sound post

  70. Petrovsky Fincher

    This week Gaetz went onto 'The Tucker Carlson' Don't know why but almost pissed my knickers due to the pronunciation

  71. Candace Wright

    Paul you’re a legend. God Bless you.

  72. chester takau

    STEPHEN not much humor I'm this interview, especially when the interview is with a comedian ...

  73. Raine

    holy ****** she looks good for someone her age! 67 years old and she looks like she doesnt look a day over 40

  74. Cheesy Kitties

    Already going for the Johnny Mnemonic reality, huh?

  75. Dominik MJ

    Its hard to watch and hard to listen to. The only person who has been "kinda" successful is Elon Musk. Who is mostly a conman and not a visionist. Everything except of Tesla, has been a fluke. Space X is still pretty unsuccessful when it comes to reusable rocket parts (and cost at this point more than NASA estimated for the Spaceshuttle). Let's not even start with Hyperloop, Boring Tunnels etc. Oh and Michio Kaku himself has been at times also pretty controversial himself.

  76. Rachel Marylani

    Aww man. How did I not know about this!

  77. Reese Jackson

    It’s nice that they paid homage to The Beatles debut on The Ed Sullivan Show back in 1964. After all, you can’t spell Beatles without BTS.

  78. Keith Kidston

    The mention of Cortés was cutesy, but inaccurate. He mentions that the ruler of the Aztecs (whom he calls Montezuma) thought that Cortés was a god (i.e. reincarnation of Quetzalcoatl). This is not true. This is an extremely old and resilient trope. While their civilization was indeed Bronze Age, and had no beasts of burden, they were no barbarous fools. Besides, they knew the Spaniards were mortal because they'd killed some of them already. He does mention the "guns, germs, and steel" argument, for which he gets partial credit.

  79. Dino Sanchez

    Check out the ranchposting hotline, every friday at 9pm central. Its hilarious and u can call and talk about pretty much anything. Seriously, its great

  80. Dj Love

    How can i get a hoody